10 Powerful Zinc Benefits For Your Health


Zinc plays an important role in keeping us healthy. From regulating appetite to eliminating toxins, this mineral is necessary. Add a supplement to your daily routine, or start incorporating zinc rich foods into your diet.

Zinc isn’t high on the list of necessary vitamins and minerals for most people. You might notice that it is in your multivitamin, but do you know what it is actually good for?

Zinc is a mineral with numerous health benefits. Though it may not be the most popular supplement out there, you might want to look into incorporating it into your diet or adding it to your multivitamin regimen.


1. Get rid of eczema

Often, eczema is a sign that your body is not producing enough zinc on its own. Taking a supplement or increasing the zinc content of your meals can help get rid of this uncomfortable skin condition.

2. Heal faster

While zinc might not give you superpowers, it reduces healing time for minor injuries.

3. Boost your immune system

Ensure that your body has sufficient quantities of this mineral to help you stay healthy. When a cold hits, your immune system will be stronger and better able to handle the situation.

4. Lose weight

Zinc can help control your appetite, making it easier to eat in moderation. The mineral is a useful weight loss aid when combined with a sensible diet.

5. Improve your eyesight

Everyone knows that carrots help boost night vision. Zinc is also useful for improving eyesight, particularly at night.

6. Prevent prostate problems

Studies have shown that men with lower levels of zinc are at higher risk for prostate cancer. In addition, adequate levels of the mineral help keep the prostate functioning properly and prevent enlargement.

7. Get fit

The mineral is key in the body’s ability to produce anabolism hormones. These make muscle growth easier You will also find that strengthening exercises have more effect when zinc levels are high enough.

8. Improve your sex life

A zinc supplement not only improves fertility, but also boosts testosterone levels in men. This has a direct effect on libido. Whether you simply want to improve life between the sheets or want to start a family, a supplement or change to your diet could be the ticket.

9. Protect your heart

Low levels of zinc can mean higher cholesterol levels and inflammation of the heart.

10. Eliminate toxins

As an antioxidant, this mineral helps get rid of toxic build up in the brain. It can even help reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s and ADHD.

Before you begin adding zinc supplements to your daily routine, be aware that too much can be a bad idea. Studies have shown that taking more than 100 mg per day can be dangerous to your health long term. If you already take a multivitamin with zinc included, do not add a supplement. You can ask your doctor to test you if you think you are deficient.

The safest way to increase your levels is through diet Oysters, beef, lamb and crab are all high in the mineral. If you prefer to get your nutrition through plant based foods, then toasted wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, peanuts and cocoa powder are all excellent sources.

For those who are deficient in zinc, poor health and fatigue are common symptoms Diarrhea is another common issue. Altering your diet can often bring levels back to normal. You can also take a supplement or ensure that your multivitamin contains decent amounts. 

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