10 Traits of an Effective Project Manager

10 Traits of an Effective Project Manager

Thinking about project managers? Check out the list of traits so you can contact the right person. Apart from being a good communicator, the project manager should know to solve problems and be coherent with his thoughts.

A project leader is always known for different traits. He consistently meets business needs and gallops way beyond for business growth. So, if you are seeking to dive into project management or hire someone suitable, then the following qualities would lead you in the right direction.

Stays clear with a vision

An effective project manager is someone who has the vision to following the right path. He not only approaches everything with a broad mind but is also clear with his thoughts. When the individual is leading a team, he always lifts everyone up and shares a vision to change just for creating a difference. Such professionals offer opportunities to create a vision and explore the impact vision would have in their lives and at the job front. Ahead, the entire team foresees future as the part of their vision.

Good communicator

An important skill project managers usually possess is the ability to communicate with everyone at all levels. Project leadership refers to communication pertaining to goals, performance, responsibilities, feedback and expectations. The leader should also have the strength of negotiating when it’s essential for successful project execution and team development. Effective communication can just be sufficient to create explicit guidelines. This helps to accomplish results and grow along the career trajectory. Team members also know when to withdraw or step the right foot forward.


Actions of the project leader clearly define the ways for team development. Good leadership points to commitments and abiding by ethical practices. Creating and living by standards as well as commending individuals for exemplifying practices is one of the responsibilities a company can expect. Besides, working towards with honesty and dedication is presumed from a project manager. Ultimately, the team members and the organization should always feel to contact someone trustworthy.


As simple as it seems, leaders with a negative approach are no good for a company. They should be passionate to do everything that comes in their way. While a ‘can-do’ attitude distinguishes them, they should roll up their sleeves and be proactive in their schedule. It actually doesn’t work when the leader raises his hands and refrains from doing tasks. Moreover, nobody accepts reasons why something can be accomplished.

Team-building skills

A team builder is someone who serves as a catalyst to hold the team together. Unity among different personalities can be perceived only when every person works with a common purpose and a common mission. In order to keep the unit intact, the manager should understand the dynamics and process that can really bring in the change. He should be aware of leadership styles during every phase of team development. Not just that, he should have the acumen to get the most from his team members when the style of working differs from individual to individual.

Problem-solving Skills

Although a leader is expected to delegate authority for solving problems, organization expect project leaders to show their strength when issues occur. This is essential because the best managers can only be judged through reactions and quick responses. They are focused on what they want to achieve rather than paying attention to how his peers are performing.


Leadership competence doesn’t refer to abilities with technology. As project management is considered as a different niche, projects leaders are hired after checking work experience and not on the technical skill-set. A track record is the best way to measure competence. Walking an extra mile is something that everyone checks for. The ability to get things done through motivation, inspiration, and encouragement must be demonstrated once the person is considered fit for the role.

Capable to delegate tasks

Trust is an element that helps in maintaining a relationship between the project manager and the team. When it’s time to control the team, he should never follow a biased approach. Instead, actions would certainly reflect trust. It could be effective management or allowing team members to perform different tasks. If there’s no development with the trust factor, then project managers fail to play their part. Finally, they need to do every single task all by themselves. It may sound silly, but ‘a good leader is a bit lazy’.

Self Controlled

In the corporate world, it’s expected to complete projects on time. Besides, the budget should be taken care of even when one has to overcome challenges and obstacles. But, that’s not the case everywhere and that’s why the company goes into doldrums. So, if you need to hire the best from the lot, the right person is someone who takes everything in stride. During a stressful event, a leader handles scenes tactfully and perceives problems as opportunities to grow. They control themselves when uncertainty and chaos exists.


A project leader is always an empathetic person. He always understands others and opens up with the right solution. He is nothing but a good listener and does everything to grasp the emotional state of mind. This creates a bond and motivates the team to show their best. Ultimately, he knows that everyone strives to maintain a work-life balance. There’s another world apart from the one at his workplace.


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