3 Amazing Benefits of Opting for Dental Crown


A dental crown happens to be a very effective treatment that is used for tooth restoration after it has undergone some kind of damage. The crown is customised in a way that it covers the entire tooth from the gum line to the chewing surface.

The procedure includes removing the tooth’s outer surface and then going for a cap placement on the tooth stub that resembles a tooth. So when a tooth is chipped, misaligned, decayed or discoloured or worn down the crown or cap can come to the rescue.

The dentist can go for direct restoration if your tooth is chipped, cracked or decayed.  This process is pretty simple. The dentist will replace the affected tooth with a tooth coloured or silver filling. However, these problems are often more complex and that is why the simple restorations are often not opted for. The beauty, function and form of the troubled tooth is often restored with a crown.

Here are some of the amazing benefits of dental crown. Juts read on.

  • Crowns Can Be Created and Placed Easily – The process of dental crown creation is straightforward and minimally invasive. The tooth is shaped once the enamel is healthy and clean so that it can hold the crown. Then, the impression will be taken and sent to the lab where the crown will be handcrafted by the skilled technicians for the next one or two weeks.  When it is ready, it will be placed over the tooth.
  • Your Appearance Gets Enhanced with the Crown – Numerous cosmetic benefits are offered by crown and these are primarily used as part of the restorative process. As they can fit over the tooth, the caps or crowns can immediately correct the misshaped tooth, staining, discolouration, chips, crookedness, fractures and cracks. For this reason just like porcelain veneers many patients use them for the aesthetic reasons.
  • You Can Get Rid of Uncomfortable Symptoms with This – Crowns or caps are considered to be restorative treatment that helps in repairing the damage to the structure and enamel of the tooth.  Your tooth will feel sore and ache if you suffer from infection of tooth root, extensive decay or a trauma such as breakage, chip or fracture. First the main problem has to be addressed, in this case, probably with a root canal therapy, a tooth coloured filling or by using a bonding agent. But the remaining tooth portion will be still vulnerable to discomfort and damage. Here in comes the need of a dental crown or cap that will prevent sensitivity and will fortify the tooth against further issues.

Apart from the above, the dental crown which you can opt for at the best tooth capping cost from a reputed dental care hospital, can last for about 10 to 15 years if you stick to the proper oral care routine which includes proper brushing, flossing and regular check-ups and occasional professional cleaning. So this is one thing that will last for years together and involves just a one-time investment of your time and money. Undoubtedly, dental caps or crowns have become one of the most preferred dental restoration therapies, these days.

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