3 Easy Ways to Earn Bitcoin for Beginners


Owing to exponential price growth, blockchain technology, and useful features, Bitcoin is gaining huge popularity among people. Every smart investor is planning to invest in this industry from all over the world. If you are among one of those smart investors and looking to strike this industry or take advantage, then you can invest in this industry through different ways. What are those ways, to clear the smokescreen here is a blog post. Read on!

Scrape Bitcoin Faucets  

Today, Bitcoin faucets plays an important role. Basically, faucets are the websites that dispense free Bitcoin to miner or user automatically. He/she just need to enter his/her Bitcoin address. Scraping Bitcoin faucets is an apt way for beginners to get some free Bitcoin (BTC).

Every faucet website has its unique features. For instance, some faucet website need players in order to complete a game in place of solving CAPTCHA. In addition, there are numerous Bitcoin casino websites that give Bitcoins in order to bet on some sports event or a dice roll. So, if you are a beginner in the mining industry, you can easily earn Bitcoins from these websites in comparison to regular faucets.

Mine Bitcoin   

Bitcoin mining is basically the process of solving cryptographic problems by a miner or group of miners on specialized computers. In addition, the process also confirms the transactions and secures the network at the same time. In simple words, Bitcoin mining is done by using a number of computers in order to solve puzzle and earn Bitcoin in reward.

To mine Bitcoin might sound easy; however, it is not so. In the year 2009, when first virtual currency was released, at that time it might have been easy to mine plenty of BTC with a simple computer. However, at present, miners need to use special hardware, software, and ASICs to mine the Bitcoin, even to earn 25 Bitcoin as reward. Just to let you know, the Bitcoin network works 256 times faster than top 500 supercomputers of world.

After reading this, you might be thinking that how is it possible for you to participate in the gold rush of Bitcoin? The answer is a mining pool. You just have to find a reliable mining pool, join that with other miners, and that’s it you will get your reward as per your computational work. ASIC Miner Block Erupter and USB-powered mining hardware are some affordable options for an average Bitcoin user. However, there are chances that you do not earn profits in the beginning, but that’s how learn about the Bitcoin mining and with time you get along the way.

Sell Goods & Services    

The third and the easiest way to earn Bitcoin is simply purchasing them from an exchange. Additionally, you can also earn them by selling goods and services to the merchants who accept Bitcoin as payment. Numerous subway shops or eBay accept BTC in the form of payment. The unique feature of BTC is that you can send and receive Bitcoin from all over the world with low transaction fees.

In a nutshell, if you are a skilled programmer or graphic designer, you can easily earn a great amount of BTC by just doing freelance work.

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