3 Essentials Of Your Hotel Book Strategies

A good book direct strategy has been an important part of every hotel booking strategy since the online travel agencies and meta sites are expanding their services for hotels. That’s why a direct booking war has started in the hotel industry to increase their profit margins. Getting more direct bookings is now a goal of every hotel and in this way they are testing different strategies to take back market share from the OTAs.

There are many things that every hotel should make part of their strategy to encourage travellers to book directly with hotels. Easy booking procedure, online optimization and cheap rates are the cost effective book direct strategies. Similarly, there is a wide range of direct book strategies but a strategy will be effective.Yes, essentials. Every strategy has some important components and here are the 3 essentials of hotel booking strategies that you need to consider.

Make The Booking Procedure Easy

The most important thing about the online travel agencies and last minute hotel booking apps is that they make reservation process easy and simple. A user can easily book a cheap hotel room just by clicking 2 or 3 tabs. So no one likes to open different links and fill a lengthy form to get booked with a hotel. This is why an easy booking procedure is the most important component of any hotel booking strategy. Clearly visible booking button on the official website of hotel is a great way to catch the eye of user. The sites of hotels in Saskatoon have prominent buttons and online form that make the process easier and provide guidance to the users as well. Be sure to have a good, mobile friendly website and make sure that booking buttons are placed strategically on the home page and some other pages.

Optimise Your Site And Drive More Traffic

Site optimization is necessary for having a strong online exposure to target the potential guest or audience. In this technological era, travellers surf the internet first to book flights and hotels. That’s why every hotel needs to have an appealing website having quality content, complete description about hotel and services. Be focused on your content copy to target audience and achieve high rankings on search engines. It will surely drive more traffic to your site and convert it into direct booking.

Integrate Email Marketing In Your Strategy

Not every traveller books last minute deals. Most of the travellers start browsing the internet while planning their trip to get the best possible deals. Here it is essential to follow up those potential guests and persuade them for direct booking. But how you can track those potential guests? Simple persuade them to sign up for the newsletter to get their email. Integrate email marketing in your hotel booking strategy to send latest offers and discounts to those potential guests. You can integrate email in strategy either by offering something in exchange like vouchers, loyalty programs and membership.


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