3 Things: You Shouldn’t Let Your Car Salesperson to Know

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When you are about to buy a new car, there are plethora of little things to ask about. While trading in, the same applies: one needs to talk up the car’s good points, and present it in the best light. In both the cases it’s really difficult to remember what not to say. For the obvious reasons, saying the wrong thing may cost you a huge difference of money that could have be negotiated. Here we have enlisted the 10 topics for you to keep quiet on while dealing with a car salesperson in order to buy a new car;

Desperate to buy

Are you starting a new job in coming week with a long commute? Are you planning for a road trip and need a new swanky ride to do it? That’s simply amazing – but your salesperson has no need to hear this. Just go with an old saying, “Fake it ‘til you make it”.

You would surely be willing to or desperate to buy a car soon or you will even need it by the end of the week. But the salesperson has nothing to do with all the why’s you need a new car for. It’s all because the salesperson will surely pick up on desperation, and that turns up lucrative for them in the end. Instead, stroll and ride a lazy glance over the cars just like you are casually doing grocery shopping. You may be in need of a vehicle today, but an attitude of “Take it or leave it” will definitely lead to the best results in negotiations.

You don’t know much about cars

You might be knowledgeable about the drive, road grip and quality rubber like of the falken tyre but in case you don’t know much about cars doesn’t mean that you need to tell the salesperson about that. Being a smarty pant won’t turn up graceful for you especially when people try to score points talking about their expertise with turbo intercoolers when their last car was a mini. But the salesperson would surely let you speak up so that he gets an idea of how much you know about cars. Just keep dodging and enjoy those moments.

What Exactly You Want the Car For?

In case you are more inclined towards the Off-roading with your premium falken car tyre, the salesperson would suggest you the 4WD, 2-door sedan for the inner-city commutes and finally what you do with a car once totally up to you. In order to have a broad scale and maximized options while browsing, it’s essential to keep the sort of driving you do secret.

Just make sure to keep a bit of mystery regarding what you intend to use the car for, and there would be more cars you will have to choose from. In case you indicate at the beginning that you only wish to use this car for weekend driving, then that car sitting out back that would be just perfect for a city commuter might not be shown to you. Therefore, be very careful with your words.


Just read on this article and discover 3 things that you shouldn’t let the car salesperson to know when you are buying a new car.

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