4 Evergreen Accent Pieces for Men

Pieces for Men

If your man loves to sport a fine piece of jewelry every now and then and you’re looking for a special present for them, a personal accessory set in precious metal such as gold, silver, or platinum makes for an everlasting gift. Gifting jewelry to your man is also a great idea if you’d like them to experiment with wearing an ornament—in this case, however, it would be better to buy fashion jewelry instead, so that the expense won’t pinch you in case the gentleman does not take a liking to the accessory.

Here are four accessory classics for men that never go out of style.


Bracelets are a great men’s accessory and they make for a unique style statement. They come in all kinds of different materials and designs—but if you have your heart set on white gold, yellow gold, or silver, check out the hundreds of bracelet designs available online to know what’s in vogue these days.

A few important factors to consider when buying a bracelet for someone are the ornaments length, locking system (clasp), weight, and wearing comfort. Men usually prefer designs that are easy to wear and remove and that won’t poke the skin. So take time to do some research before investing in a precious-metal bracelet.

Link chains

Link chains are designed in such a manner that a number of metal links are looped to form one big chain. An evergreen gifting option, rocking out cuban link chains make for a great present if you’re looking for a classic, evergreen men’s ornament that will never go out of style. However, when buying any jewelry in gold, remember to check the product’s weight, karat value (the ratio of gold versus alloy), and an authenticity hallmark or stamp. Also, always buy precious jewelry from a reputed seller, whether online or offline, to avoid getting fleeced.

Other types of link chains you could explore include rambo chains, rolo link chains and curb chains.


Engagement rings and wedding bands aside, there’s an exciting range of men’s rings out there. A ring is a great gift for a man who likes minimalistic jewelry and wants to sport an ornament that’s visible and yet does not cry for attention. Rings are usually set in metal; however, you will find some offbeat men’s rings in wood as well. Hybrid rings (wood and metal) are all the rage these days if you’re not too keen on an expensive piece made in precious metal.

Tie bars and cufflinks

Who wears cufflinks these days, you might ask? Well, many men do, and cufflink designs have evolved tremendously in the last two decades. There is a whole range of eye-pleasing yet simplistic cufflinks available to buy online.  Tie bars are yet another men’s accessory that’s in vogue again. A great accessory that goes with both formal and semi-formal outfits, a tie bar adds a bit of style to a man’s outfit and also keeps the tie in place. Go for it if your man sports a tie often.

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