4 Smart Ways to Replace Broken Mobile Phone Screen

Mobile phones are precious commodities today. According to a survey by eMarketer, India is estimated to have 800 million mobile users in 2019. While greatly useful, these devices are also fragile. Mobile phone screens are especially likely to undergo cracks, scratches, and breakage. In severe cases, a mobile screen replacement is the only option for users.

Listed below are a few options you can pursue when going for a mobile screen replacement on your phone.

1. Contact the manufacturer

The manufacturer is your first source for help if you end up damaging the phone’s screen. Often, the company can initiate phone screen repairs. The leading brands offer additional warranty for screen damage to customers. If you decide to purchase such protection before damaging the screen surface, your device is liable for free screen replacement or repairs.

Mobile screen insurance policies are cheap and drastically improve safety for your expensive handset. Consequently, it is advisable to avail such a policy in advance to safeguard the handset from futures damages and subsequent expenditures.

2. Using a screen protector

If you lack both the screen protection warranty and the know-how to conduct these mobile screen repair yourself, using a screen protector is your next best option. These techniques work when there is minimal damage to your mobile phone’s screen. For instance, if only the glass coating cracks and not the component below it.

Lacking mobile phone insurance cover, you can use a screen protector to prevent further damages. You can retain the functionality of the device to some extent, even though it looks displeasing. Furthermore, users must also note that this is just a stop-gap solution. At some point in the near future, the whole screen must be changed to restore the complete functionality of the device.

3. Choose out-of-warranty repairs

When you do not have the necessary warranties for screen repairs, you can approach the manufacturer for out-of-warranty replacement options. Mobile phone companies charge exorbitant sums to replace the damaged parts of your handset. A better option is to avail a cheap phone insurance policy for just such eventualities.

Apart from policies for phone screens, Bajaj Finserv’s Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions also include a Mobile Charger Insurance plan as well. Such an insurance policy financially covers the expenses incurred due to damages to the charger of your mobile phone. Having an additional policy in place thus safeguards the device along with the necessary accessory.

4. Replacing the screen at a local shop

There are numerous unauthorized mobile repair shops that offer the service at cheaper rates. People who do not have access to authorized repair centers can use these shops to acquire a new screen for their device. However, the quality of repairs and parts can vary drastically. In most cases, there is a lack of adequate guarantee regarding such mobile screen replacement. Therefore it makes sense to avail insurance policies ahead and resultantly has the option to spend enough for original parts.

If you opt for mobile insurance plans, you can not only save money and hassle but also stay assured regarding the quality and efficacy of screen replacements.

Additionally, you can also avail a wireless headphone insurance policy to cover the damages caused to the expensive headgear that you use. Apart from their utilities, all these plans are extremely cheap when compared to conventional repair and replacement services.

With simple claim settlement procedures, a huge number of mobile phone users today are availing such policies to guarantee complete security and safety for their device and the related accessories. Ensure you buy a mobile insurance policy within 30 days of the device purchase.

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