5 Key Elements for Every Wedding Timeline

Wedding Timeline

In movies, wedding days are usually perfectly organized events with cheerful, easy-going brides and grooms.

In reality, every wedding reception is different. Some couples manage to organize those events properly while others come across various difficulties.

From my experience, the crucial prerequisite for a well-organized wedding day is a strict timeline.

In the next few paragraphs, I’m going to highlight five key elements for every wedding timeline.

  • The schedule on invitations

Bridal couples should include the gist of their wedding timeline in their invitations.

For starters, inform the guests about the beginning of the cocktail hour. This will help invitees from other towns to plan their trip.

Moreover, don’t forget to write when your wedding ceremony is going to begin. This will be helpful for the guests who want to avoid the cocktail hour.

Also, some brides and grooms place the end time of the reception on their invitations. This feature is useful for guests who want to go back home after the wedding day.

  • The gathering hour

Most wedding receptions start with a cocktail hour or a similar warm-up activity.

The purpose of this introduction is for the invitees to relax, get familiar with the venue, and have some refreshments.

The bride and the groom need to instruct their parents, siblings or closest friends to welcome the guests.

What’s more, they need to decide what sort of music will play during this first part of the ceremony.

Most couples opt for a relaxing, lounge music that only plays in the background. That way, people relax and chit chat with other guests in a comfortable way.

  • The ceremony and the first dance

The wedding ceremony and the first dance always go together on a wedding day.

Because of that, the bridal couple and their wedding planner/venue manager should plan that set together.

It’s practical to estimate the duration of the wedding ceremony with the priest or the marriage officer.

What the bride and the groom can do is to practice reading their vows before the wedding. That way, they’ll know how much time this part will take.

When you know all these things, you’ll be able to schedule the first dance and inform the wedding band about it.

  • The photo session

Different wedding couples have different preferences regarding the photo session.

Some couples like to have a photo session before the wedding while others include their invitees in this activity.

Your decision will depend on your wedding venue, as well. If you want to throw an all-inclusive wedding ceremony, go for a cozy natural environment.

Some places, like this Houston wedding venue, offer a pleasant landscape for photo sessions. Finding a venue by the ocean or lake would also be a great choice for a photo session with guests.

On the other hand, couples that prefer an urban wedding venue might prefer to organize their photo session some other time.

  • The entertainment acts

In some cultures, the wedding day contains several different entertainment acts. The bridal couple and the wedding planner to arrange these things in advance.

For instance, if the best man is going to propose a wedding toast, this act needs to be included in the timeline.

Moreover, if the bride’s father wants to have a dance with you, the band should announce it. So, it should also be a part of the timeline.

In a nutshell, brainstorm all these potential acts, define which ones you’re going to approve of, and include them in your wedding schedule.


If you want to keep your wedding day under control, you need to make a timeline. What’s even more important, you need to stick to that schedule.

That way, you’ll avoid the unnecessary chaos and the resulting stress.

When everything is planned before the wedding, you should just follow the script and have a great wedding.

We hope that the tips shared in this article will come in handy for every new bridal couple.

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