5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Professional Removalist

Are you moving a few streets away, across states, or to another country?

No matter what distance you are moving, it is highly recommended that you consider hiring a professional removal company.

The Expert Advantage

To help you with relocating your personal belongings, enlisting the services of professional local, international, or interstate removalists on the Gold Coast will surely give you advantages compared to doing it alone.

For one, they have years of experience tucked under their belt. One such removalist in Australia has an astounding 67 years of experience (and counting) as the first removalist on the Gold Coast. This gives them the edge in giving you top-notch services that only seasoned specialists can.

The years have also taught them valuable lessons and insights into the nitty gritty of relocating your personal effects. This arms them with the expertise and skills necessary to safely and securely transport and place your items in their proper position.

In addition, below are some other reasons why you should ask a moving specialist to help you with your move:

1. They save you valuable time

With the skills they have earned over the years, professional removalists can conduct removals with ease and efficiency. This means they can do the work in an orderly manner and cut down on using up your precious time.

With many hands helping to do the back-breaking work for you, you can be sure that packing your items will also be a breeze. A professional removalist company can offer you partial or full packing and unpacking services, making sure that the right items are wrapped properly and then placed in their right positions in your new place.

If you don’t have the time to go through all the motions of moving, then hiring professionals will certainly save you from significant levels of stress during and after the move.

2. They save you money

Since professional movers are experts in their field, the risk of damaged goods is greatly reduced, saving you from headaches and unnecessary costs.

They also have the right tools and equipment to make the move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Their efficient techniques will save you on labor and fuel costs, as they won’t need to do several trips since they have the right vehicles to carry all of your things in one go (depending on the sheer amount of your belongings, of course).

3. They can offer you storage solutions.

When you do not know what to do, or where to store your extra belongings, any removalist company worth their salt should also offer storage solutions.

Putting your things in storage while your house is being built, going overseas, or as a temporary place in between moves, will provide you with the perfect solution to what to do with your things.

Smart storage modules specially designed to store furniture and other personal effects can ensure that your goods are kept safe, dry, and in the same condition as when you handed them over.

4. They are efficient and reliable.

The use of a safe and clever storage modules means transporting your goods through the use of innovative modules also lessens the risk of damage to your belongings. Double handling is avoided since your items are directly loaded into special modules that are then stored for you, or sent interstate by road in enclosed vehicles.

Costly losses are also prevented with the use of this modular system of moving goods, as all your goods are safely loaded into modules and goods belonging to other clients are not mixed in with yours.

5. They are accredited.

Hiring Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA) accredited removalists will ensure that your items will be handled with utmost care.

Compared to hiring just anyone on the street, professional removalists accredited by AFRA have gone through stringent screening procedures that guarantees you are dealing with an excellent group of professionals.

You can be sure that accredited removalists will have the proper training, the right equipment and vehicles, be police-checked, and carry public liability insurance. With these ticked off your checklist, you are assured of protection for your items as well as proper guidance in the whole moving process.

Making the Right Move

With the above mentioned reasons, you will certainly think twice from just getting any Tom, Dick, and Harry to move your valuables for you, during a move.

Hiring a professional removalist will give you peace of mind and time to enjoy the exciting transition. All you need to do is entrust the work to them, sit back, and relax knowing full well that your belongings are in good hands.


John Pfeiffer has been the proud owner of Ashtons Removals for 41 years. His attention to detail, a product of his accountancy background, and his emphasis on training and empowering his team members, has ensured the vast number of Gold Coast families who have been moved by Ashtons Removals, have had their furniture and effects moved undamaged and with minimum fuss.

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