Indore is one of the fastest growing and the largest cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The city is known as the commercial center for goods and services. It clocked a GDP of $14 billion in 2011.

If you have a home in Indore and would like to sell it to fund some important needs, then you should not do that. Why? It’s because many leading lenders in the city are ready to extend you the facility of loan against property in Indore.

Based on your loan against property eligibility and condition of the home, you can get up to Rs.3.5 crore as the loan amount.

This way, you can mortgage your home for a higher loan amount and fulfil your multiple needs.

Reasons To Apply For A Loan Against Property In Indore

  • The Facility Of Using A Higher Amount

The loan against property in Indore can give you as higher as up to Rs.10 crore. It is up to an applicant to use the loan money. You can use the money for buying another bigger house, medical emergency, sending children for higher studies and other needs. The rate interest for the loan against property is affordable.

  • Hassle-free Loan Disbursal

The loan against property interest rates are simpler to match and needs minimal documentation. If everything is good to go, you can get the money disbursed into your account in less than 72 hours. Lenders also offer doorstep service for picking up your documents.

  • Comes With Flexible Tenor

As per your income capacity and other eligibility terms, you can get a tenor ranging between 2 and 20 years to repay the loan conveniently. You also have the freedom to make part prepayment and foreclosure before the loan schedule without charges.

  • Online Loan Account Management

You can easily access the loan account information via the digital customer portal of your lender. This way, you can access all loan details 24/7 and right from anywhere.

What About The Loan Against Property Eligibility?

The loan against property eligibility is easier to match to help you to get fast approval. Here is a quick look at some standard eligibility conditions for the loan against property India:

  • Your age should be between 25-70 years
  • You need to be salaried individual or self-employed with a regular source of income
  • You need to be a citizen of India and the ‘to be mortgaged property’ should be in the list of cities as approved by your prospective lender

Why sell your existing home and lose an asset when you can use the loan against property in Indore to get a higher value of the loan at a lower rate? You can apply for a loan against property in indore facility online and get started.

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