5 Most Renowned Music Instruments in the Traditional Celtic Music


Celtic history is full of music and most of the Celtic people have been very fond of great music and quality music instruments. Their fondness with music has been very observable over their long history in music, especially considering that the term Celtic incorporates a large part of Scandinavian Europe and other areas like Ireland as well. Most of these people were travelers in different timed and adapted music and music instruments from different parts of the world they encountered during their travels. Here are the top 5 most established Celtic music instruments in traditional Celtic music.

1: Fiddle

The traditional name for the famous Violin is Fiddle. It is exactly the same and is played exactly the same way as well. However there is no denying the international recognition Fiddle or Violin achieved over the history of music. The Fiddle was made famous back in the middle ages by the Celtic people from different regions. Especially the Irish music made use of the Fiddle the most and even took it to different parts of the world like Africa or Asia. It is a stringed instrument and is played by sliding the bow across the strings at different pressures and speeds and the other hand’s fingers fiddle around with the mechanisms on the strings and thus giving it the name Fiddle.

2: Bouzouki                   

Second stringed instrument on this list is the Irish Bouzouki, its strings are plucked using fingers however and it has been most notably famous in Irish music history. Its playing style resembles slightly with that of the guitar but the music produces if different along with its appearance as well. The Irish Bouzouki has been most notably associated with folk or traditional Irish music where people have played it in a group and on their own with vocals as well.

3: Bodhran

Widely considered as the “heartbeat of Irish Music”, the Bodhran is probably one of the most well-known Celtic and Irish music instruments in history and present at the same time. Its versatility in different music genres has boosted its appeal greatly and these days to find a Bodhran for Sale both in Ireland and around the world is as easy as looking for a new car. Many music stores along with numerous online stores offer options to Buy Bodhran Online that comes at even better prices that physical purchasing. It is one of the best percussion instruments and is played by striking the surface of the membrane with Bodhran tippers that produces very punchy and full beats. Probably one of the most contributing factors to the Bodhran’s success is its compact and lightweight profile.

4: Harp

Another stringed instrument, the Harp is completely different to earlier ones on this list. It is played while sitting in a relaxed position alongside it and with the extension of the arms. The movements carried out by the harpists look very elegant along with the even more elegant looks of the instrument itself. Associated with most Celtic regions and other regions across the world as well, the Harp has been most widely used in Ireland and still to this day, it is very easy to find a Harp for Sale both in Ireland and other regions of the world as well. In popularity and versatility, the Harp is right alongside the guitar and the piano.

5: Flute

The flute is the only blow wind type of music instrument on our list, however we only went with the flute because the term incorporates many other similar instruments with a hollow body and holes on the top and middle. The Flute as like some other instruments on this list has been most famous in Ireland and has been most notably used by Irish musicians over the years. The Traditional Irish Flute is played by blowing wind into the hole at its front end from the mouth of the player, in this it also resembles the whistle but the newer more advanced versions of the Flute utilized much more complex mechanisms and produced louder and wider notes of music using various keys on the holes in its body. These keys are pressed and released in order to produce varying music. The Flute and different types of it are still used to this day in many types of traditional and folk music genres.

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