5 Tips For Buying A Toilet For Your Home

Buying A Toilet For Your Home

A toilet is perhaps the most underrated part of the home yet no one can ignore its significance. There was a time when homeowners seldom paid attention to the design and look of the toilet as they considered only the functional aspect of the living space.

But today, as the concept of home d├ęcor has extended beyond functionality, homeowners want their toilets to look as attractive as any other part of the home. Whether you are planning to have a new toilet in your home or renovating an existing one, you should know all about the different types of toilets that you can buy. Also, here are a few tips that can be helpful for choosing the best option for your home.

  1. Start by looking for the right height

The most important consideration while buying a toilet is to choose the right height. Comfort is the factor that determines the right height. This depends on the individual requirements of each homeowner. While the standard height is suitable for most of them, the families with young children will need to shop for comfort height toilets that are suitable for the younger members of the family.

  1. Look for a bowl shape that fits your bathroom

Next, look for a bowl shape that matches the overall look of your bathroom. Toilets come in two shapes, round and elongated. Round bowls, as the name suggest, are round in shape and are more suitable for smaller bathrooms as they occupy less space. Elongated bowls, on the other hand, are oval in shape and slightly larger as compared to round ones. This makes them right for the bathrooms that are larger in size.

  1. Consider water-saving capability of the toilet

Every homeowner wants to conserve water and having a water-saving toilet is the best way to do so. On an average, the water consumption for flushing measures up to 1.6 gallons. Ensure that you buy one that sticks to this parameter. Dual-flush toilets have been designed with water saving in mind. Therefore, it is better to consider buying a toilet that has a good flushing power but uses minimal amount of water.

  1. Choose between one-piece and two-piece toilets

Another factor that you need to bear in mind is whether you want a two-piece or one-piece model. One-piece toilets have the bowl and tank fused together in a single unit and is apt if you have space constraints in the bathroom. They are sleek in look and easier to clean. Conversely, the two-piece model is the one that has separate units for the bowl and the tank. This is the model that is usually seen in homes.

  1. Understand the flush mechanism

The flushing mechanism determines the power and maintenance requirements of the toilet. The gravity-flush mechanism gets the flushing power from the weight of water. They work well enough and are low maintenance too. There are also some innovative mechanisms such as pressure flush which uses air pressure to flush the toilet. The mechanism saves a lot of water but is relatively expensive.

As a smart homeowner, you should read the reviews of top toilet options before shortlisting the best one. Also, consider the prices of each and see the one that fits best into your budget. Always invest in a reputed brand because this is a long-term investment for your home.


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