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6 Digital Marketing Trends that will not be Relevant in 2018

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Digital marketing is not inconsistent and there are various changes coming in 2018. This means some ‘ways’ agencies are doing few things that might disappear.  

It is advised to choose a SEO agency that delivers successful projects in London and will help your online business to rank on top in search engines. Some trends are already on the way this 2018 and we will focus on six of them in this blogpost.

  1. White papers and e-books written by the experts- Though white papers are a good marketing tool till date, it is not at all a hot topic in the year 2018. Things have turned out to be “instant” in social media and reputed brands are looking for different ways to build their authority and expertise.

When talking about e-books, they should be short and simple. Earlier, e-books were the driver for generating leads and now there are various ways to spread information and build your audience.

2. Organic Facebook- According to DubSEO Facebook advertising experts, The year 2018 seems to bring an end for organic reach. This commercial platform is “paid” essentially that organic reach has come to an end. It is coming to an end since 2014, but it can be down further in 2018 than 5-10% organic reach that brands see now.

3. Text optimisation – You might think that creating blog posts with lots of text is the right way to optimise your text. They are relevant as an important part of the strategy and have become necessary when done for a long time. They are not considered to be valid for conveying important information and have strong implications for SEO purpose.

Optimising the text on the website is the right way to improve rankings on search engines. 2018 is a year where a brand can be made irrelevant. Optimisation should be focused on new and engaging content, if a brand makes progress.The images and videos need to be optimised with the same amount of work. Try to check how much search is becoming less dependent on the text. When people will move towards camera search and voice search in 2018, a text-based SEO strategy will not work much.

The solution is to promote your content on both audio and video so that when people search, they find the content easily. Your images should appear quickly and avoid focusing on the text only.

4. Marketing automation – According to local SEO experts, some kind of marketing automation is simply great in moderation that makes a brand not much popular. It is easy to detect automation aspect in contact and ads.

Though technology will proceed further in 2018, brands with human touch and email campaigns will be the winner. This year will be very important to clients that they get personal touch. If clients can show personal touch by at least 50%, it can be a thing that distinguishes them from others.

5. Blog like it was done earlier – Earlier, when the Internet had dial up connection, blog posts were short and there had been several blogs. However, things have changed over time and now the audience is Internet savvy which means unless you write a blog post better than anything, they will not stay for a long time. Now is the age of hyper-specific blog post and 2018 will make everything strong.

When writing a blog post, see it is relevant according to the needs of your audience. Write fewer posts but make sure they are of good quality, user-friendly and that will draw more traffic to your website.

6. Video ads should not be more than six seconds – There has been lots of change on videos. In 2018, the marketers can see the results of that change too. Short videos are more important as YouTube is pushing for short video advertisements.

YouTube will allow advertisements on the platform that will make this time constraint. So, videos are six seconds long low and completely commercial. YouTube aren’t there, however Facebook is considering advertisements of six seconds.

Now, practice these short video ads to get yourself ready in 2018.


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