6 ECO Friendly Ways Clean Burnt Stainless Steel Pans

It happens once in a while with everyone; engaged in a long phone call and completely forgot the stainless steel pan on the stove only to find it as a burnt heap. Instead of throwing it in the trash bin, have a look at eco-friendly stainless steel cleaner tips to restore the new-like shine.

While it depends on how badly it has been burned, one or combination of tips and tricks defined below are likely to serve you well. The cleaning ingredients are commonly found in almost every kitchen pantry so it isn’t just earth-friendly but lighter on pocket as well. Read on!

Baking Soda

Mixture of baking soda and water has always proven best against scorch marks on stainless steel. All you need is to work up the mixture in the pan and simmer it for a while. Now let it cool before you wash as usual.

In case the burnt stain persists, leave the pan soaked in the mixture overnight. Yet another alternative is combining baking soda and dish soap in the pan and let it sit for a few hours. Wash the pan with some elbow-grease and you’re likely to have it clean like new.


That cool, black, bubbly cola isn’t just good to drink but an excellent cleaning medium especially when it comes to burnt stains or flaking off rust from certain elements. Cola is super acidic and does the job well on burnt and caramel stains. Pour some directly in the pan and heat it on the stove, let it cool a bit after which you need scraping the gunk off. Celebrate perfect cleaning with a glass of cool cola!

Cream of tartar

Smother a mixture of water and cream of tartar to the burnt pan and let it sit overnight. The presence of potassium hydroxide and tartaric acid is likely to clean stainless steel just as you would clean a pie from its pan!

Dish soap

The least you can do is wash the burnt stainless steel pan the usual way; that is with dish soap and water however, in a little bit different way. Squirt liquid dish soap in water and bring the mixture to boil once in the same scorched pan. Once cooled, cleaning the flakes is easier as long as you do it with a scrubber.

Salt & lime

Another trick is squirting a lemon in the pan, sprinkle table salt and leave it intact for several minute. Sprinkle some more salt and wash it as usual only to be amazed at how easily scorched food debris lifts away!

Oxidised bleach

For tougher burnt-on stains that don’t go away with any of the above tips, use oxidise bleach. Just make a solution of dish soap, oxidised liquid bleach or powder and hot water and let the cookware soaked for a few minutes. Scrub rigorously with some more oxidised bleach and the stain is likely to life as if it weren’t there at all!


The above eco-friendly stainless steel cleaner tips and tricks are to save that precious cooking pan as well as Earth.

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