7 Most Bizarre Wedding Traditions from Around the World

WEDDING Traditions

When we think about wedding traditions, we think about the couple’s first dance, throwing the flowers and removing the garter.  We love all these traditions, but some of the traditions are completely different and some are even bizarre which might make you uncomfortable. Here, we have collected 7 most bizarre wedding traditions from around the world that will shock you.

  1. Kidnapping the bride

It might sound a good idea for the couples in love, but it is a messed up tradition in the countries like Kyrgyzstan. In old age, the ancestors claimed that the tears of a kidnapped bride will make a happy marriage. But now it is completely illegal in the country and the parents would disagree with the marriage if the bride was crying. In the history, it was a pretty crazy ritual, but it is also followed in some of the regions known as Gypsies in the country.

In this tradition, the groom has to kidnap the girl of his choice by force or by her permission. Then he has to take her to her family home, where she will be kept in a room until the man’s female relatives convince her to put on the scarf of a married woman, which will be the sign of acceptance. The same kind of tradition is also followed in some of the states of India, where the groom is to be kidnapped by the male relatives of the bride.

  1.   The Bridal Curse

In Indian traditions, it is believed that a female born as a Manglik is cursed to bring her husband an early death. Manglik symbolizes the astrological period where the Mars and Saturn are together under the seventh house. The bridal curse means the Manglik Dosh negatively impacts the married life which creates tension between the couple and ultimately leads to the death of her partner. And the only way to get rid of this curse is to marry a tree before marrying a man.

After the ritual is done, the girl is out of the curse and the tree is cut down which will ultimately break the curse. Now the woman is free to marry the man of her choice. It is one of the most believed traditions in India. One of the famous celebrities of India namely Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had conducted her marriage with the tree in order to marry her celebrity husband.

  1. Bride and Groom Prevented from using Bathroom

This is something you will laugh while reading. But it is true. After the marriage, the bride and the groom in Northern Borneo, a small island in Southeast Asia, prevented the couple to use the bathroom for not only one, not two but for three days. As the newlywed is inside their home, they are expected to hold it for three complete days. This is quite challenging, isn’t it?

  1. The crying ritual

Yes, we cry at the time of marriage, but the Tujia people of China start crying 30 days before the wedding. The poor bride has to spend an hour or two every day crying. Then after few days, she will be joined by her mother and then after few days, her grandmother and this will continue until all the female relatives started crying. Although this crying isn’t associated with sadness, it reflects the joy and a complete emotion of happiness. During this ritual, women made noise which resembles as a song of joy.

  1. Where Spitting is a blessing

Kenya, the country of ancient traditions and rituals has one of the most unexpected wedding traditions. Here at the Massai community, the father of the bride spit her head and breasts as a part of his blessings. Before the wedding, the bride’s head is shaved by her relatives and fat is applied to it. Then her father is allowed to spit on her head and breasts. Although spitting is a symbol of disgrace, in Massai culture, it is a symbol of fortune. After spitting, the girl will have to leave the house with her husband and does not look back. That’s quite upsetting.

  1. Blackening of the bride

In Scottish tradition, it is believed that if the bride and groom can handle the trash, then they can handle anything in their marriage. It is a cruel ritual where the friends can dump anything on the bride and the groom including rotten eggs, spoiled milk, and anything they want to. The Scottish ancestors also believed that this will also carry off all the evil spirits before their marriage. This ritual is still performed in some of the regions of the country.

  1. Beating the Groom

The ancient South Korean tradition wants to beat the groom’s feet as the final act of the wedding ceremony. The groom’s friends have to remove groom’s shoes and tie his feet with a rope. Then they will lift his legs off the ground and start beating him with the stick or a kind of fish. The only aim behind this cruel tradition is to make the groom stronger before his first night. Also, the bride’s relatives can also check the strength and knowledge of the groom with this tradition. During the beating, the groom is often is asked questions and quizzed during the test. Although this ritual seems amusing to the bridal party, but you can think of the poor groom.


Fortunately, we are glad as we can ditch these most bizarre rituals. The only ritual that we need to follow during the wedding is the ritual of joy, happiness, and blessing for the new life.

Written by Sarah, a senior editor in www.holidayfactors.com, a leading holiday & travel portal in Dubai, UAE


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