7 raging trends in the digital marketing world

Digital marketing is on the roller-coaster ride of an evolution, presenting something new and innovative almost every day. Keeping up with the pace is challenging for digital marketers but not making it up to the brightest ideas and innovations would bring their downfall. Whether it’s digital advertising in Dubai or something more specific, which trend should be prioritise for the coming years? Here’re a few things to consider;

  1. Video streaming

Live video streaming on many social platforms has gained momentum and finally become a mainstream! The power of video is simply undeniable but live streaming is far more effective and in order to leverage live videos, digital marketing experts need a strong grasp on user-oriented and audience-preferable content to get more leads and follows. The analytics would further help fuelling effective live video promotions.

  1. Powerful email marketing

Email has always served digital advertising in Dubai and the world however, there’s a buzz of a more aggressive yet spam-free approach to email capture and marketing. In today’s age of online clutter however, marketers aren’t afraid of disruptive yet user-friendly concepts such as pop-ups so, we’re expecting a major come back for this particular approach.

  1. The “Buy” buttons

The very purpose of marketing is conversion which is turning a visitor/browser into a buyer or purchaser of a service or product. Introducing “buy” buttons simply streamline the purchasing process for consumers and as a result, many different social media channels including Twitter and Pinterest are now using these. To accelerate the process and draw more customers, we expect a boost in content, search and social links introducing these buttons.

  1. Native advertising

Paid advertising is on the rise and chomping a huge share of business budgets especially with native advertising. Although more discreet than direct and targeted ads, the native approach would continue to validate effectiveness in capture and conversion.

  1. Automated marketing

Marketing automation plays a crucial role on today’s digital advertising in Dubai and global marketing environment as the associated industry technology is valued at nearly $20 billion. The result would be a much larger share as automated marketing technology would improve and corporations would eventually discover value of robotics.

  1. Wearable devices

There has been a rapid surge in the use of wearable devices which means it’s about time marketers figure out the most worthwhile practices to leverage the technology. These devices are already used for geo-targeting and monitoring health but this is just the beginning of what’s ahead. This is the reason digital marketers have good reason to determine why consumers are using these more frequently.

  1. Cross-channel connected devices

Connected devices nowadays keep a user well-connected to the workplace, home and almost every place on the planet. Consumers bet on maximum convenience through these cross-reference devices and with a newer and more innovative release almost every other day, digital marketers need preparing themselves to learn about the value of these cross-channel devices and use them to catapult brands.


The above trends are storming digital advertising in Dubai and across the globe thereby resulting in gradual yet optimistic change so far.

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