8 Most Important Piece of Furniture for Your New Homes


Is this the first time you have decided to shop for your first home? Are you baffled on how to decorate your living room? Then welcome to the world of confusion where it gets pretty difficult to choose one furniture over other. This is a common dilemma for those who are aiming to settle up their newly built or renovated homes and are a bit overwhelmed with the variety of furniture pieces available these days. But, be aware when you are running on a tight budget. Keep your choice partial to the essentials which are always required to complete your home.

1- Sofa: Nothing can beat the emptiness of your living rooms than a perfectly designs and strategically placed sofa. These are of various types like recliners, sectional, Lawson-style, camel back, chaise lounge and many more on various seating arrangements and colors. Even these sofas comes equipped with different fabrics like cotton, leather, jute, wool, silk or rayon. Select the one that will adorn your living room and is within your budget. Choose the one that requires minimum maintenance and has a sturdy wooden frame that can support higher load.

2- Beds: The most important piece of furniture in your entire home where you spend sleeping and drifting around for most of the time. It should be chosen for comfort and not on the basis of style. With the numerous beds like Divan bed, Bunk beds, four poster beds or twin bed furniture with storage, you have a lot to choose. Moreover kids have the opportunity to choose from the assortment of designer beds that they wish to have. A bed should be chosen as per the requirement of the room. If you have less space and less number of rooms, then buying a sofa-cum-bed would be the best option.

3- Dining Table & Chairs: Very useful and highly in demand, dining table is a must-have for every home. The dining table comes in myriad of shapes such as rectangular, circular, square or angular along with different sizes. The table tops are of numerous types like a glass top, wooden top, marble top or granite top supported on various frames of wood, steel, iron etc. Check for the sturdiness of the frame or structure before making your purchase and the install a seating arrangement as per your family requirements.

4- Chest of Drawers: The most utilitarian furniture piece that can be used for purpose of storing various types of material. These chest of drawers could be placed at any location inside the house whether a living or bedroom wherever it seems suitable to be placed. These are available in various sizes and storage units.

5- Wardrobe or Almirah: Your closet is also one of the most sought after furniture when you have lot of outfits to keep in. These almirah are used in proper setting of clothes with departmentalization among them. The drawers present inside could be effectively used to store knick-knacks. They also come in varieties of sizes and door functionality.

6- A Foot Stool: A day of relaxation definitely requires a foot stool for proper resting. Though it could be used for sitting, it could be definitely paired beautifully with a sofa or divan that can bring out some style in your room.

7- Bathroom Cabinet: This is also an important addition to your bathrooms and is used in an extensive manner to store the toiletries and towels along with bathrobes etc. These are generally made up of plastic or fabric to avoid getting damaged or corroded from water or from any soapy material.

8- Nightstand: When you have decided to adorn your bedroom in a systematic and calculated manner, a nightstand seems the best piece to keep beside your bed. It serves dual purpose of decoration as well as storage provided by the cabinets present beneath the top. You may add a vase or keep your books stacked over it.

Thus, if you have planned to buy your furniture, give a thought to your budget and to utilities surrounding that furniture and then go for a purchase.

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