Aaykar Setu App for taxpayers: Resolving all your Tax Related Queries at Ease


Wish to pay tax, track TDS(Tax Deducted at Source) or want to apply for a Permanent Account Number(PAN) or perform a real-time chat with a tax expert without going anywhere? Want to have all tax associated information at your fingertips? Not to worry as you can do all these things by sitting at one place.

The Income Tax Department has launched Aaykar Setu app, a new income tax payer e-service module which can solve all your tax queries at one click. Now you can link your 12-digit Aadhar with Permanent Account Number(PAN) by using Aaykar Setu app.

aaykar setu

Presently, the app is available on the Android mobile but soon it will be available on desktop version as well.

Aaykar Setu app for taxpayers is designed for offering better taxpayer services and minimize the taxpayer’s grievances to the much possible extent.

With the help of Aaykar Setu app, the assessees can comfortably delegate their most of the tax work without obtaining external help. Simply, this app can be by downloaded easily from the Google Store or by giving a missed call to 7306525252.

During the tax-filling session, the aaykar setu app can be much of use as it provides various other tax related services such as paying tax, claiming for a tax refund, lodging grievances, applying for PAN etc.

In order to make this app more customer friendly, it provides a live chat facility in the form of a ‘Chatbox’ from 10 am to 6 pm. The chat room will give all the tax payers a realistic solution for their tax related queries. Moreover, people can also do live chatting with tax experts and provides the  address of nearby tax return preparer.

Aaykar Setu app will be helpful in lodging consumer’s grievances in the ‘e-Nivaran’module of the CBDT.

To get informed, the taxpayers will also be able to obtain constant updates relating to important tax dates, forms, and notifications on registered mobile numbers with the ITD.

For spreading information about different forms of taxation, the app has come up with a separate section as ‘tax gyaan’ which will be a multiple-choice question web-based game and can be accessed from the desktop as well.

Aaykar Setu, in a mission for providing better taxpayer services, directly communicate with the taxpayers on a range of multiple informative and useful services focussed towards providing tax information at their fingertips.

The term Aaykar means income tax and Setu stands for bridge. Identical to most government apps, it is free to use and doesn’t carry infuriating ads.

Main Highlights

  • The main objective of Aaykar Setu app is to give the right guidance to taxpayers about various nuances of direct taxes, file income tax, apply for PAN(Permanent Account Number), check TDS(tax deducted at source) statement and also sharing their grievances with the appropriate authorities.
  • For filing complaints with the tax department, customers can access a section called ‘Got a problem’, where they can register their grievances. It also permits the taxpayers to contact officials in CBDT or Directorate of Income Tax.
  • The taxpayers can get timely notifications for important dates and new announcements pertaining to income tax, by registering their mobile number in the app.
  • In order to follow the Supreme Court directives, linking Aadhaar to PAN is mandatory for all existing Aadhaar card holders. So, Aaykar Setu also provides the same.
  • ‘Tax Gyaan’ game facility encourages taxpayers to gain the tax related knowledge in a more fun and easy manner by playing such quiz. It is designed to test the taxpayers’ knowledge regarding taxes through multiple-choice questions.

Advantage of Aaykar Setu app for Taxpayers

One of the main advantages of Aaykar Setu (mobile app) is that it doesn’t allow taxpayers to sign up or create an account. As this app provides direct access and has been better designed than many other government apps. The interface display different categories such as Tax tools, PAN/TAN, TDS, Tax Payment, in a series of cards queued up in two columns. The homepage has been designed for the small screen. Although in many sections, taxpayers are redirected to Webpages  outside the app. These webpages are not customized for small screens and require regular zoom-in for a better look at a line or a tab.

It is operated online, but due to its simple layout, pages load faster even on 3G networks.

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