Aaykar Setu Mobile App- One Stop Solution for All Your Tax Related Queries

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No need to run around the offices for PAN application and tax payments as the Aaykar Setu Mobile app is launched to solve all your tax issues. Yes, the app will help many pay income tax, apply for PAN and ease grievance redressal. Launched by the Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, the Android phone compatible app would act as a bridge between taxpayers and taxman.  

A Quick Look at Dazzling Features

The app is studded with exciting and convenience features to help deal with tax related concerns. You can ask for any query pertaining to income tax, while a Chatbot feature will let your queries answered by tax experts. Any query pertaining to TAN, TDS, PAN, return filing, tax payments and refund status can be answered with a live chat via Chatbot. The experts will be available to address your queries from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Also, you can link the 12-digit Aadhaar number with your PAN Card.

In case the taxpayers want to complain, they can lodge their grievance in CBDT’s e-Nivaran module. The information about the TPS offices across the country can be seen through TPS Vertical. With a mere click, the TRP can be located by the taxpayers. On few basic information, a quick tax calculation can be done through the app. If you want to upgrade your knowledge with respect to tax-related matters, a game is what you need to play. The game, which features a multiple-choice question to update the users about the taxation, has four levels-Beginner, Normal, Hard and Difficult.

Physical Interface to Reduce Substantially

Aaykar Setu Mobile App is intended to reduce the physical interface between the tax assessing officers and the assessees. A lot of time can be saved with the app and which through the physical interface is not likely at all. The technology used in the app would enable the assessee to execute a variety of tasks without any assistance from the external sources. The Aaykar Setu would also come with a desktop version.

How to Download the App?

A missed call to 7306525252 will help download the so-called app. As soon as you give a missed call, the income tax department will send an installation link via a text message to your mobile number. Click the link and download the same. Also, you can search for Aaykar Setu App on Google Android Playstore. In addition, you can use the QR code as displayed on the website of the income tax department to download the application.

So, in a nutshell, the app launch can be viewed as a great development for both income tax assessees and officers. From asking queries to tax payment and calculation, the app is set to work wonders in India’s taxation landscape.

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