commercial epoxy floor coating

What Are the Advantages of Epoxy Floor Coating?


Very often, we do not pay much attention to flooring until something goes wrong. Yet they are integral to workplace safety and productivity. You may desire to consider an alternative product for your flooring. One of such products is epoxy floor coating.

commercial epoxy floor coating

When it comes to epoxy floor coating, the first idea to spring into mind is a shop floor or garage. But with new decorative finishes, today epoxy flooring has become a popular option for kitchens, bathrooms, basements, living spaces and many more.

Home owners are waking up to the fact that epoxy floor can be a durable, stylish and easy to maintain option. The companies are choosing commercial epoxy floor coating for their commercial facilities.

Epoxy coating can make concrete floors more appealing and also advance the durability of the floor. Because of this, it is very popular in commercial and industrial buildings like factories, warehouses, commercial businesses, laboratories etc.

Here are the main benefits of completing epoxy coating on your concrete flooring:

  • Durability: Epoxy floor coating lasts for a long time and resists wear and tear. Thus, it saves money and permits you to concentrate on other concerns of the business.
  • Strength: After the epoxy has been transformed into a solid polymer, it becomes very strong and stops chemical breakdown.
  • Saves time: Epoxy flooring can be easily and quickly installed which implies less time for shutting down of activities for the sake of installing the coating.
  • Easy cleaning: After concrete has been sealed with epoxy coating, it is no longer porous and is hence, easy to clean. Dust and dirt can be easily wiped clean if concrete floor is sealed with epoxy. Hence epoxy floor coatings are preferred for facilities like packaging plants, pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage plants etc.
  • Aesthetic: Epoxy coatings are found in an array of patterns and colours to match yourparticular style. One huge advantage with epoxy coating is that you are endowed with a surface which has an amazing, high-gloss shine. Due to variety of the product, you can be assured of finding a colour you like which makes for a beautiful surface.
  • Chemical resistance: epoxy coatings can endure prolonged exposure to harsh chemicals. This makes it suitable for garages, warehouses and plants which might be exposed to such materials.
  • Safety: Epoxy coatings are in addition, resistant to extreme impact, temperature, fire and slippage. Thus, it keeps safe the buildings as well as it occupants like workers.
  • Bright nature: Epoxy coatings have an alternative of high gloss finish which enhances lighting in your facility to a substantial degree because of reflection.
  • Reduces vehicle maintenance: By selecting an epoxy coating, one can reduce wear and tear on vehicles in your building or garage as it is gentler on machinery.
  • Protects the environment: epoxy coatings are an environment friendly option for your business due to the reduced material usage. It is a much better option than replacing damaged vehicles or installing a totally new floor.
  • Used as marker for boundaries: Many companies today use epoxy coatings to demarcate areas in their building. Using an epoxy coating, it becomes possible to use various colours at the same time to define different areas like work zones, security zones and traffic zones.

These are all benefits of epoxy floor coating.

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