All I Wanted to Know Was The Casting of Life


In ancient times, imitation in three dimensions like the life of a deceased person was created to transport it to another world. This venerable art of Egypt is now practiced all over the world.

However, it should not be death for a casting of life done! Yes, realistic and detailed reproductions of the living human body and breathing are perfectly possible. 3D replica manages to capture every minute detail about hair, skin texture, fingerprints and even pores.

This reflection can capture any beloved body and fingerprints of baby’s hands and feet are particularly popular. As she is pregnant, her hands clenched, her twitches, and so on.

How do you do it?

A mold of life begins with the realization of a mold of the body. In fact, this is a crucial step and success depends on the artist’s ability as a model of cooperation. In fact, the model is involved only at this stage and the artist will work in his own while casting.

The casting life of the artist teaches the model and decides on a pose that has to be kept for a while. The artist will do everything possible to ensure that the model is comfortable, safe and stable.

The artist covers the body part with petroleum jelly or other release agent from the mold before coating with an alginate blend. This alginate is a natural product derived from algae and is completely safe for the skin. There are also milder differences that are the soft skin of children. Otherwise, the artist may choose to make the mold body with the skin without too much silicone rubber hazards too.

The mold material is gently applied to the body. Particular attention is needed when the face of the mold needs to capture and accurate, however, the material does not have to enter the eyes, mouth or nose is molded. Fix a gypsum alginate mold to allow the mold to retain its shape.

The will of the mold in minutes and can be removed from the mold by twisting a small face. Now alginate molds must be released quickly because the material tends to shrink and distort rapidly. Plaster is generally the choice material for mold life. The life of resin molds is also very popular. It is also possible to make life of stone, metal or wood molds using cold casting powders.

The molding material is carefully poured into the mold body. Care must be taken to avoid air bubbles that can easily ruin the perfect mold of life. Once hardened, alginate molds usually melt to reveal melt life inside. The plaster is thoroughly finished (stain) and sealing or polishing required.

The cast of the final life is a replica of the pin and looks perfect in every way. It can be hanged on a hook or viewed on a marble or wood base.

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