Are American Express Credit Cards Ideal For You

AMEX Credit Card

AMEX cards are widely known for offering unparalleled customer services. These cards provide quick purchasing power and exceptional benefits to all. Having an AMEX credit card depends on what you want, what you need and what your lifestyle is.

American Express credit cards have more benefits that others don’t, on the other hand, the number of establishment that the card is accepted is less than that of other providers. Let’s discuss one by one card of AMEX with their rewards, fees and cash back

Jet Airways AMEX Card: This specific card for travel lovers, where can get a welcome gift of 10,000 bonus JPMiles along with complimentary Jet Airways base fare waived on the domestic ticket on the first charge. Get 8 JPMiles for every Rs 150 spent excluding the spending on fuel, cash transaction and insurances. You can also avail exciting privileges like a 5% discount on base fare for revenue ticket bookings made on the website of Jet Airways. You can get Rs 5,000 first year fee with applicable GST and from second year onward Rs 10,000 plus applicable GST

Platinum Travel AMEX Card: With this card can enjoy special privileges on booking your travel ticket via and a chance to enjoy four complimentary visits in a year, to 29 airport lounges. You can get Rs 3,500 first year fee plus applicable GST and from second year onward Rs 5,000 charge with applicable GST

Platinum Reserve AMEX Card: This card gives you a welcome gift of 11,000 bonus membership reward points and special health and wellness benefits from MAX Healthcare, Texas Medical Concierge and Fortis Healthcare. You can get Rs 5,000 first year fee plus applicable GST and from second year onward Rs 10,000 charge with applicable GST

AMEX Gold Card: This specific card application has more features compared to the other Amex credit card. Purchases charged, to this card are protected also the card offers car rental insurance as well as fraud insurance protection. You can get Rs 1,000 first year fee plus applicable GST and from second year onward Rs 4,500 charge with applicable GST

How Do You Get Instant Approval For AMEX Credit Cards?

To get instant approval to hold a credit card, need to follow the procedure of KYC. You should be 18 years and have a spotless credit history. You must have savings and current account in a reputed bank, share with the bank Identity and Residence proof. Income proof is different as per your selected cards.

If all the shared information is as bank norms, then you can get instant approval for next procedure of your application. So that, a bank will process your credit card immediately. It’s necessary to provide KYC should be correct and relevant as per requirement.

How Do You Utilise Your AMEX Credit Card For Rest Things?

Apply Online: To take advantage of other things, firstly need to apply for the card. To apply for a credit card through online is the best and easiest way. Need to visit the official site with preparing your documents. Fill the personal and other requirement information, before click Submit button cross check filled details.

Online Payment Method: You can use your online services for paying an amount on time. Yes, after login one time with your user ID and password can easily available for online payments. You can register yourself for net banking, mobile banking application, autopay or NEFT service. You can pick an option out of many and fulfil your payments from the office to the home anywhere. With online service can check your reward points, cash-backs and rest available benefits in your AMEX card.

Check Your Credit Limit: You can check your credit limit through bank statements and expenses report. Yes, with this procedure you can comfortably check your credit limit and try to be in control because if you are regularly doing expenses beyond your set limit, so you are in danger. See everything is linked to each other your exceeding limit, damaged credit score and it affect your CIBIL score also. That’s why view your every month credit report is a good habit, to control all the linked things.

AMEX Customer Care Service: If you have any doubt related to your credit card offers, features, benefits or share feedback to the customer care, then you have many communication modes. You can call them at the toll-free number, send SMS, you can chat or write an email. Your next doubt would be where you get this number and email ID? Just visit the American Express credit cards web page and search a toll-free number. You can dial from your mobile and clear your doubt without any tension.

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