What Is American Express Gold Credit Card?

This card provides you to pay for travel and other desires and earn many reward points in the process. If you are planning to go somewhere or want to shop for your favourite goodies, then you should apply for this card now.

As we all know that credit card is a magical card for us, who always ready to fulfil our wishes with just one click. What, is it true? American Express Gold card is a charge card that comes with intelligent features and benefits. When customers opt for this card, they have the opportunity to accelerate their earn rate, use the points to redeem for rewards from the specially curated Gold collection and also provides access to other seasonal promotions.

How Will You Obtain AMEX Gold Credit Card Benefits?

To grab the benefits of the AMEX gold card, firstly check your KYC documents then apply. KYC and age eligibility is the first step to get a credit card. For AMEX Gold credit card, you should be 18 years of age without any defaulter. If you are a self- employed, so must have been trading for more than 12 months. Then need to collect proper documents as per your selected card, Identity proof, Address proof and Income proof.

In Identity have to submit PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter ID and Passport. One recent passport size photograph. For Address, Passport, Aadhaar card, Electricity bill and any government proof. And finally, Income which shows your payback credibility, for this need to submit recent salary slip and Income Tax Return copy for 2 to 3 years for self-employed.

Now you can apply for a credit card online. Visit the official site of AMEX, select credit card section. Fill the details from personal to professional, documents, then your application going for further procedure. After that, if you want to know your application exact location, download application tracker App from your smartphone and paste your application reference number with a registered mobile number, within the second report in front of you.

Which Attractive Features Attract You To Buy AMEX Gold Credit Card?

When you are final to apply for a credit card, firstly know the features of a card like reward points, gift voucher, coupons, rest shopping and dining voucher. Let’s have a look to AMEX Gold credit card features list

  • Cardholders will be provided, with an additional Gold credit card that is free for life
  • One membership reward point for every Rs 50 spent, except for insurance, utility and cash transaction
  • 5,000 membership reward points up to first-year card renewal, on payment of annual membership fee. Within 90 days of card renewal, points to be credited
  • Redeem from the fabulous 18 carats and 24-carat gold collection
  • Enjoy benefits from your travel bookings with MakeMyTrip website
  • You need to pay joining fee Rs 1,000 with applicable GST
  • Annual fee charge is Rs 4,500 plus applicable GST

So what are you waiting for, as you can see in features they have offered fabulous service for you. Without any wastage of time, open the link and apply now for AMEX Gold credit card online

How Do You Utilise Your AMEX Gold Credit Card For Rest Facilities?

It’s a great thought that you can plan to apply for AMEX credit card because with this card you can have many online services such as online payment option, overviewing your bank statement and for any query, you can contact them through AMEX customer care service.

Right now we are describing you online payment mode, in this service you can get many options net banking, mobile banking, autopay and national electronic fund transfer. To use this services need to register your ID firstly, it’s a simple going procedure. Just open AMEX site, fill details as per bank’s norm, enter 16 digit credit card number and submit it. After that, you can login your ID with individual User ID and Password. Pay the bills on time, check your due date amount, outstanding amount and rest thing which is related to your credit card.

It’s an obvious fact that when you are using an online banking service, it’s easy to get all your AMEX gold credit card expenses report. If you want your monthly credit card status, then the bank will send you in your register email ID, it could help you to know your spending habit as well as a credit limit. Your bank statement of AMEX Gold credit card tries to focus on your payment history and spending habits.

For all AMEX Gold Credit Cardholders, you have a customer care privileges which gives you undoubtedly super offer. You can contact them for your credit card related issues, want to know Gold credit card features, new offers, share feedback or any query you have just communicate with them via a call, SMS or write an email. You just log in their website, have a toll-free number, SMS number and official email ID.

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