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Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund

Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, a joint venture between Aditya Birla Group and a Canada-based Sun Life Financial Inc., has been calling the shots in India’s asset management space since founded in 1994. With a plethora of MF schemes, the veteran fund house has delivered higher returns as well as provided income & liquidity to add to its subscriber base.

Doesn’t matter whether it’s equity, debt or hybrid funds, the noted AMC has top-class products in each of the categories to lift your investment desire. And you can apply for Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Online, a much more convenient option than to visit the branch offices and doing all sorts of paperwork which may consume time and effort.

All you need is to visit the official website of the AMC and register. Subsequent to successful registration, you can create an account and subscribe for funds you wish to. So, why not check out the top-performing Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund schemes which you can apply online.

Welcome to the House of Birla Sun Life Equity Funds – The Destination to Grow Your Money

In search of big money to let your kids study abroad successfully? Then come to the ship of Birla Sun Life Equity Funds, which have the potential to lift your proceeds to such a degree that such aspirations can be fulfilled easily. Any thought on how these funds grow your money? Well, they keep your money in top-notch equity and equity-related instruments to serve the purpose. So, let’s check out these funds one after the other.

Birla Sun Life Banking and Financial Services Fund

A massive 30.44% return in a span of 4 years talks volumes about the ability of Birla Sun Life Banking and Financial Services Fund, which invests mainly in equity and equity-related securities of companies engaged in banking and financial services. Its last one and 3-year performance are also spectacular with returns of 29.61% and 23.47% in the given period.

BSL Tax Relief’96 Fund- (ELSS U/S 80C of IT Act)

How about raking in good returns and saving taxes at the same time? You would vouch for it, right? So, you have this tax saving fund of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund to invest. Around 80% of the fund’s corpus is dispersed across equity instruments, while the rest gets invested in debt and money-market instruments. Since incepted in 1996, the fund has offered a return of as much as 25.97% to its investors while also maintaining the steam in the near term with returns of 25.99% and 18.43% in the last one and 3 years, respectively.

Birla Sun Life Midcap Fund – Plan

Aiming at long-term capital appreciation, the fund invests mainly in mid-cap stocks and a few portion in small-cap stocks and money-market instruments as well to meet the liquidity needs. By virtue of this asset allocation, the fund has made investors richer by providing a yield of 25.86% since founded in 2002. Even its last one and 3-year returns are remarkable with figures of 24.04% and 20.30%, respectively.

Birla Sun Life Debt Funds – Best for Those with an Income Generation Objective

So if you are someone seeking regular income, it is advisable to invest in Birla Sun Life Debt Funds, which invest mainly in debt and money-market instruments to serve the purpose. Let’s check out some of the top-performing debt funds of the AMC.

Birla Sun Life Income Plus

The scheme is aimed to generate regular income for the investors by investing in debt instruments. Since incepted in 1995, the fund has offered a return of 9.65%. It has also maintained a reasonable return of 5.39%-8.97% in the last 1-3 years.

Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund

The fund looks to generate returns by investing in a portfolio of corporate debt securities with short to medium term maturities across the credit spectrum. The investments in these securities have helped investors get a return of 9.60% in a span of two and a half years. Its last one year return stands at 9.16%.

Birla Sun Life Short Term Fund

With an eye on generating regular income and capital appreciation, the fund invests in a portfolio of debt and money market instruments. Following this asset allocation strategy, the fund has delivered a yield of 9.48% in two decades. On the other hand, its 1-year and 3-year returns stand at 7.67% and 9.04%, respectively.

So, you saw the details of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund schemes from their returns over different periods to the asset allocation. Now that you know them in detail, you can then apply online and invest for the future. Choose the fund according to your financial goals, risk-taking appetite, investment horizon, etc.


Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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