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A credit card is an excellent way to build a credit history for yourself. Why should you apply for credit card facilities? Because the world has changed. In every area of your life, you can get what you want, and you can get it when you want it. Need a hot meal? Order instant delivery, or pop something in the microwave. Want to make a new friend? Go online and chat with someone interesting.

Want to buy a new pair of shoes before your pay cheque comes through? Get yourself a credit card. It’s a beautiful piece of technology. You simply swipe it in a valid store, pick the item you want, take your new purchase home, and pay for it once your cash has cleared. Easy!

Is it easy to apply for a credit card?

Yes, it is. It’s probably easier to apply for credit card options than it is to brew the perfect cup of coffee. You can apply for most cards online, and some banks let you do your application by snail mail. You don’t have to enter the banking hall at all. And you have lots of different card options to choose from:

  • Premium cards get you added benefits like frequent flier miles.
  • Cards that are co-branded get you discounts at selected supermarkets.
  • Regular cards can be used every day and many have cash-back offers.

How do you know which credit card to choose?

When you want a credit card, apply for one from the bank that has the best card features. There are banks that offer you 428,571 free flier miles when you first activate it, while other bank accounts get you free access to more than 750 airport lounges. There’s also credits cards that have an option to get an instant cash loan based on the limit of your credit card, which is amazing. Imagine a credit cards that can get you 40% off at numerous golf courses around the world, or a free talk time for your mobile phone. These are just a few of the credit card options available around the world, and with so many possibilities, rewards, features, and benefits, you’re sure to find something that works for you too.

 Benefits of Credit Cards

  1. Credit cards are great for short-term spending/loan
  2. Credit cards are great for building your credit rating
  3. Credit card can be a good source of emergency fund.
  4. Credit cards offer rewards for your purchases

Be Safe with Your Credit Cards

 The most important thing when having a credit card is to be safe and careful with it everywhere you go, you need to protect your card and yourself from fraud or theft always. Here are some tips on how to keep your card safe and sound;

 Don’t make online credit card purchases from public places

  • Check your transaction history at all times
  • Keep track of your credit card when you use it and make sure you leave point of sale with the right card
  • If you want to shop online then it’s important to avoid purchasing when on public WiFi or via cellphone.

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