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Asthanga Yoga Poses for Good Health


Who doesn’t want a fit body free from illness and a calm mind? I don’t think anyone in this planet who can deny this. It is something everyone desire for but time, condition and lifestyle are those points on which this desire actually depends on. Despite all these forced circumstances, if one decides to achieve something it can surely achieve and the best and most convenient way to achieve a fit body and healthy mind is by performing yoga. Though there are several yoga forms, all capable to heal you but Asthanga yoga is the best calming fitness routine especially for beginners.

Setu Bhandasana

This posture is relatively simple and quite exhilarating.  Most of us complain about having back aches, pain in legs and shoulder. For all those this asana is a good option. This asana is also called as Bridge pose which severely works on muscles and nerves, giving them a thorough stretch and providing them relief in pain. Beside stretching the chest neck, back and spine muscles, bridge pose also improves blood circulation of the body, calms the mind and nervous system and also reduces backache, headache, fatigue, anxiety and insomnia.

Setu Bhandasana

High plank Pose

High plank is a great strength training Asthanga yoga pose in Sun Salutation sequence that is used to increase muscle power especially in upper body. This pose is also called as Uttihita Chaturanga Dandasana pose. The name suggests that it might be very difficult to perform but it’s not like that. It is very simple to perform and need not any expert guidance. The pose gives several benefits to your body such as improves digestion, strengthen muscles and reduces tummy fat.


This is one of the best yoga to burn belly fat easily. The pose is also called as Half Spinal Twist Pose. It improves all activities relating to spinal cord and nervous system of body. While performing this aasan, one just simply twists the body and stretching its organs. It is such a beneficial aasan that it magically improves the working of kidney, liver and intestines, massages the abdominal organs, loosens up hip joints and regulates digestion.


The name itself indicates about being associated with brave. The pose also called as warrior pose. It is an amazing Asthanga pose which specifically target the lower body, provides strength to it and increase muscle mass. This pose is relatively done by all the fitness freaks. Inspite of spending money and time in gym, one can attain perfect body shape through this pose. It increases stamina; strengthen arms, legs lower back and releases stress on shoulder back.


This asana is the perfect end to every work out. This pose is also called as ‘Child pose’ and helps you to calm down your nerves and relaxes muscles. Everywhere from simple yoga classes to professional training courses at some recognized place like Ashtanga yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, trainers deliberately ask to perform this pose regularly for best results.

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