An Astounding Science News “A Crime Scene Compound Can Be Used For Combating Malaria”


Everyday progress of the present world is conspiring around new inventions and in introducing new things to the world that can combat with certain kinds of diseases. As in the apparent study, a compound named luminol is said to be used as an acute agent that can fight against malaria. Also, in the Electronics News in India, the scientists are using high quality biological equipment that can enable them to find more acute things to combat the vicious human diseases.

This is basically a compound to which the detectives simply spray at the crime scenes to literally find out the trace amounts of blood. Eventually, some tests have shown the imperative indications that this compound might be used one day to kill the malarial parasite and mainly the immersing new study has revealed this.

What is this compound and how it works?

This compound to which in general the scientist called as luminol, it glows in blue colour, when it encounters the haemoglobin of the red blood cells.

In therecent study, the researchers have found that this compound can be simply used for triggering the amino acid, which is present in the haemoglobinin order to kill the malarial parasite, which scientific name is Plasmodium falciparum that is found in the red blood cells.
If this is used as a new therapy,then it may have many advantages over the current malarial treatments that have become truly very less effective as now the parasite mutates and they change their form in inner ways.

The new study has a great approach towards the targeted proteins, which is made by human red blood cells in which the parasite can’t mutate easily.

The researchers have basically worked with the human red blood cells, which was infected with the malarial parasite.

What are the advantages of this medication?

Well, there can be numerous kinds of benefits that people can find and some of the benefits are enlisted here-

  • If the researchers study follows the path of success, then this medication can be used for treating the malarial patients.
  • If this medication shows imperative results, then it would be able to heal the people within certain period.
  • As malarial one form is fatal, and if this medication works well, then probably this can help in combating at the serious stage of malaria.
  • Recent study has also shown that these parasites are mutating too, when the entre in the body of humans. Hence, this is the time to find out a certain and unerring remedy as the traditional medicines won’t work on everyone.

So, this is one of the biggest science and technology news that has emerged up and this science and technology news is getting viral day-by-day.

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