Would avail sauna turn to be a wise move during pregnancy?

Would avail sauna turn to be a wise move during pregnancy

In case if you are pregnant,you might be seriously thinking whether sauna is safe to use or not. The mere thought of soaking in the warmth of a sauna to get rid of back acnes itself is a delight in itself. In case if you are planning to use a sauna you need to educate yourself about the risks to be a would be mother. Now the question is what are the risks that pose to a mother on using sauna.

Constant heat with extreme temperatures are the main reason of a sauna while pregnant second trimester. This heat could make you relax and ensure you feel good for your baby it causes a lot of harm. When babies are in the womb they are unable to soak in the hot temperature. What it means is that tolerating hot temperatures of a sauna poses considerable challenges. Studies do showcase the fact that babies who have been prone to hot temperatures of sauna during first trimester have chances of brain or spinal complications. Possibility of miscarriages and birth defects too exist. Though research is still going on in this subject. The extreme temperatures during the course of sauna can even complicate any existing medical conditions you are suffering from.

Do you consider sauna pregnancy to be an option?

It would be ok if a doctor gives their nod of approval to use a sauna when you are pregnant. But still it is better if you limit the time to 15 minutes or less. Some doctors are of the view that you should avoid sauna completely when pregnant. Still some amount of time in a sauna can result in complications for your little one.

The moment you start feeling nausea you should leave the sauna. This could point to the incidence that the body is prone to overheating

At the same time take into consideration that all saunas are not the same. They work at different temperatures and the heating module is also different. All this does have an impact in the amount of time it takes for the heat to generate and has an impact on the baby.

Is there any health benefit by sticking to sauna?

For anyone who is pregnant the benefit of sauna means stress relief and even pain relief. After an intense session of workout it would help the muscles to relax. In a sauna you can experience sweating out of impurities. In a lot of ways this can be compared to an exercise session. If you are pregnant discuss with your doctor on the kind of saunas that would be comfortable for you. With the extreme heat it can go on to complicate a lot of health conditions.

A sauna can be compared to sitting in a hot tub during pregnancy. A hot tub could go on to raise your body temperature at a faster level as you are being covered by hot water. Only use a hot tub if a doctor provides an approval.

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