Which Axis Mutual Fund Scheme Can Enable a Grand Marriage or Other Goals of Life?

axis bank mutual fund scheme

Do you think traditional savings would help you get through the inflation of tomorrow? The answer would most probably be ‘No’. While waking up in the morning some 16 years ago, I used to see our ‘Doodhwala’ charging ₹16 per kg from us. Now in 2017, I foot the milk bill at around ₹45 per kg.

So, you can see a nearly threefold price rise in the given time span. It won’t be a surprise if the price touches ₹100 in 5-7 years from now. So, you must think out of the box and invest in a mutual fund to safeguard your future. You will ask me, why mutual fund despite the varied levels of risk involved in it? Well, if you feel for risk, you will only get weaker and find it hard to reach anywhere near to your goals.

The risks, for that matter, come down with a disciplined investment in mutual funds. So, plan your journey with mutual funds so that you won’t delay the payment of milkman (on a funny note) and serve other purposes of life at the same time. Also important is to find the right partner which can help you achieve your financial goals with ease.

Axis Mutual Fund is one such partner that you can let you do just that. Since its advent into the asset management space in 2009, the trusted fund house has grown to hold a customer base of more than 2 millions across 90 cities. With a myriad of customized schemes, it has let investors achieve their dreams. So folks, what are you waiting for? Just pick the schemes of your choice and ensure a secured future with Axis MF.

Choose Axis MF Schemes Attuned to Your Financial Goals

Your investment is greatly dictated by the financial goals you may have set for yourself to achieve. The goals would require a certain corpus to get fulfilled, right! You, for instance, need a large corpus to get your son educated and married.

The large corpus means a longer investment horizon as the money takes time to grow. And these goals can be best fulfilled with equity funds, which shoot up the money meter with time. Yes, there can be high risks on the way. But if you stay disciplined, the risks can reduce over time.

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On the other hand, there are retirees who want regular bits of money to spend on their day-to-day needs. For them, there is none better than debt funds and especially the liquid funds. And there can be some wanting both capital growth and income generation.

So, they are most likely to adopt balanced funds, which invest in both equities and debt instruments to serve the desired purpose.

Top-performing Equity Funds

Here’s the report card of different equity funds that can be amenable to your financial goals like education, marriage, travel, retirement corpus, among others.

Axis Long-term Equity Fund

A top bet for investors, the fund keeps the money in a diversified portfolio of equity and equity-related securities. The fund managers choose stocks of companies with a sustainable business model.

As far as numbers are concerned, they speak volumes with an impressive compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.09% since the fund’s inception in 2009.

Axis Focused 25 Fund

So you are looking to earn millions over the long-term and can take risks in achieving the same. In that case, you can subscribe to this scheme which keeps your money in a portfolio of carefully chosen stocks. With immaculate asset allocation, the scheme can let you laugh all the way to the bank when the time to shoulder out big responsibilities, like education or marriage of your kids, arrives. On the return front, it has made the investors richer with an impressive CAGR of 18.68% in a span of around 5 years. The return figure just sums up the quality of the fund.

Axis Mid Cap Fund

Giving close competition to the two schemes above, this fund has helped investors earn a solid return of 18.64% over a period of 6-7 years. And this was made possible with the fund managers choosing the top mid-cap stocks for investments.

Guys, if Axis Mutual Fund is your choice to let you dance in your son’s marriage or send your daughter to top universities abroad for higher studies, then do subscribe to it and enjoy the thrill.


Disclaimer: Mutual Fund Investments are subject to market risks, read all scheme related documents carefully before investing.


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