Samsung Galaxy S9

After The Backbreaking Efforts- Finally, A Fabulous Display of Galaxy S9 revealed?


Samsung Galaxy S9 is going to release next year with its outstanding features and a new body design. If we talk about the body design of S8, Samsung has done great efforts in giving its phone body a different look. Galaxy S8 has been launched having panels in its body design within a compact device size. Samsung Engineers have long thought about how to install the largest panel in the most compact package. Remove the frame display was not enough, so the format was changed. The reason for this decision is obvious: the farther manufacturer departs from the format 1: 1, the smaller is the display area while maintaining the same diagonal.

Samsung Galaxy S9

A smartphone casing can be made longer and narrower than before. In general, the format needs to be smaller. Thus, it is possible to fit a larger display in the former case. But, of course, is just marketing has little to do with reality. But Galaxy S7 edge with a diagonal of 0.3 “less than we get 83.39 cm². And the Galaxy Note 7 to 5.7 “diagonal – a large area of 89,57 cm². As a result, only one diagonal at no additional information is available to come to any conclusion on the actual size of the display, which complicates the situation for consumers, However, the Galaxy S8, there is another “pitfall”. In reality, we have not been able to measure the diagonal of 5.8 “. Similarly, Samsung will not put the break in the upcoming Galaxy S9’s body design and will gift the S9, an amazing unique display. In S9, the display will be three-edged having a 4K resolution. S9 will no longer sustain a physical home button having an AMOLED waterproof display with Corning Gorilla Glass 5. The display size of S9 would be 5.8” with 2160 x 3840 pixels. Camera, a must feature, of S9 would be a dual lens primary camera of 16MP+16MP plus 8MP front camera. Samsung is working on the body design of S9 very carefully and backbreaking as it has done in the case of S8.

Diagonal – is the value that we get when the distance measured from one corner to the opposite display. Samsung kept its careful eye on the diagonals of S8 as well. Samsung has used non-standard angles and rounded – like LG G6. The same applies to the right and left of the display bends. However, the curves are well known by the previous two generations of Galaxy S. If you draw a diagonal measurement of the actual pixels “round” angles, we get a diagonal of just 5.6 “and the area of 79.59 cm² If we translate the display in the classic format of 16: 9, then we have a diagonal of 5.4 “, which is even less than Galaxy S7 edge. Similar kinds of uphill battle Samsung is facing in case of Galaxy S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 body diagonals are also taking much time in deciding a perfect proportion with which diagonals and the display area could be satisfied with each other giving the user full comfortability and sufficiency while using the phone.

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