Bajaj EMI Card Apply to Make Easy Purchases


Bajaj Finserv offers a pre-approved loan that can be used to purchase the products from its partner consumer durable and lifestyle outlets spread in more than 100 cities. It provides the facility of EMI Card, using which you can shop on around 7000 stores across India.

EMI card is an Existing Membership Identification card to use which the holder just has to swipe and sign for purchasing any durable or lifestyle product of the choice.

There is no need to engage in lengthy procedure and gather another set of documents for applying for a loan. As mentioned, it is a pre-approved loan the holder can easily get the commodity financed. To get the Bajaj EMI Card apply online and make an online payment of Rs.349.

The card will be sent to the customer within 10-15 working days. Also, the customer can get the card at the time of purchase of any durable or lifestyle product financed by Bajaj Finserv. The existing customer can apply through customer portal login on the company’s website.

The company offers two types of EMI card namely, Gold EMI Card and Titanium EMI Card. Both are loaded with different features and benefits. The features of both the cards are provided below:

Features and Benefits

  • It is a smarter way to purchase consumer durables, smart phones, furniture, life care services, groceries, clothes, accessories and much more items of your choice.
  • You can shop at more than 25000 outlets situated in 600 plus cities and for more than 50 categories.
  • It is a pre-approved loan in your wallet.
  • Post selection of EMI plan you get an instant approval up to the amount pre-approved on swiping the card.
  • The existing card holders do not need to provide any documents.
  • You can easily and safely shop online as an OTP option is enabled to make the transaction safe.
  • The company provides the range of tenure option for repayment.
  • The customer can foreclose the loan anytime and doesn’t has to pay any foreclosure charges.
  • An existing customer gets exclusive pre-approved offers from time to time.
  • The customer gets online access and can get all information about the loan like repayment schedule, interest certificate, etc., through the customer portal.
  • The customer also gets the benefit of the express personal loan.
  • The customer can track, schedule and manage payment easily.

Bajaj EMI Card Apply Fees and Charges

  • The joining fee for Gold Card is  Rs.412
  • The  joining fee for Titanium Card is Rs.884
  • The customer has to pay an annual fee of Rs. 117** (RS.99+18% GST)

A annual fee of Rs. 117 (RS.99+18% GST) will only be charged to the EMI cardholders who have not availed any loan using the EMI Card in the preceding year. The preceding year will be 12 months calculated from last year’s validity month, which is printed on the face of your EMI Card. For example, if you were issued the EMI card on August 2014 (referred to as ‘Valid From’) and no transaction between August 2015 & August 2016; the payment of fee will be in August 2016.”

How to Pay EMI Online

The company provides end to end online solution. Right from applying for the bill to the repayment, the customer can use the company’s online portal. Visit the company’s website and choose the pay EMI option. Then enter the loan account number, confirm it and click on verify button.

Method to check EMI Card Status Online

It is simple and easy to check the card status. The customer can do so by logging in through the customer portal login. Just log in with your loan account number and access information like repayment track, interest certificate, payment schedule, etc.

This card is different from the credit cards offered by the banks. The user of the card has the freedom to use the card across multiple outlets. The card can be used to buy consumer durables, smart phones, furniture, life care services, groceries, clothes, accessories and much more. It is a financial assistance that the customer can rely upon in the times of need.

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