Basic Rules of a Website Design

Your website might be your clients’ first impression of your company.  This is, of course, means that your website needs to reflect that how successful, professional and savvy your company is. A website sometimes offers the last impression of your company so it should be informative, easy to use and have all the necessary contact information.

Follow these basic rules for designing to create a great website.  


If you want to design a good website for your company so you need to always focus on the needs of your user. Are your web visitors looking for material, showbiz, some type of communication, or to transact with your business?  Every page of your website must show a clear purpose and to fulfill a particular need for your website users in the most effective way possible.

Simplicity is key

The first most important thing you need to consider while designing a website for your company is that you should keep the design of your website simple, neat, and easy to manage. A Viewer may feel irritated and decide to consider a more manageable option if the website is presented with an overloaded and busy website. If the website is too busy, it can also create mix-up, frustration and take too much effort to read. Keeping it simple means that navigating around the website should be easy and obvious. The simpler your website and the pages of your website are, the quicker your website will load. It keeps your potential clients attracted and keen to use your services and products

Website must be reliable

On your website, all the pages must be similar and indicate the users that they are still on the site. If your website is consistent and reliable, it will show professionalism, accuracy and a standard your clients will be confident in. It can be reached by ensuring your clients that the different pages of the website are the same in term of colors, font size, pictures, spacing, logos, headings and design features like buttons and images.

Visual Hierarchy

In most cultures, it’s acknowledged as a fact that, people usually read left-to-right and top-down. But, it is also a known fact that, within these restrictions, reading behavior follows a much more complex set of rules. This is basically true on the internet where people mainly scan pages much more than they actually read them. Beyond that, visual hierarchy is about indicating to readers that what should be read first and what should be read next.  


Choosing a right image for your website is very important it can help your website for brand positioning and connecting with the target audience because a picture scan speaks a thousand words.  If you don’t have high-quality professional photos on hand, to lift the look of your website consider purchasing stock photos. And also consider using infographics, videos and graphics as these can be much more effective at communicating.

Color and design

The Colors you chose for your website are very important. They must remain consistent and long-lasting as the color of your website is the part of your company and your brand. There must not be a strong contrast between the colors used and it can be easy but pleasant to eyes. Color is one of the most important element as it creates a mood and environment. Colors also give us an idea that as to whether a website is professional, fun for children, men or women and different color themes. The colors must be attractive and compliment the other factors of your website.

Navigation should be spontaneous

One of the most frustrating experience, on the website is when you are not able to find what you want. Pages must be well-organized with a top-down design so that it becomes easier for the visitor to browse the different sections of your site. There are two aspects of navigation which should be kept in mind.

  1. Navigation (Where can you go)
  2. Orientation (where are you now)

Following are the tips for enhancing your website navigation.

  1. Keep the arrangement of your main website simple.
  2. In the footer of your site include navigation.
  3. Do not offer so many navigations options on your page.
  4. Within your copy page, include links, and make it clear where they those lead to.
  5. On every page use breadcrumbs so people are aware of the navigation trails.


Formatting is the most common element of the web design, so it’s not shocking that a lot of thought has gone into it. It’s very important to consider things like Font chose, font sizes, spacing, line length, color, and paragraphing.

It’s all about the content

The most important part of your website and the design is content. A great website can fail if the content is not appealing and interesting to the viewers. The website must perform the function of offering information. So you must make sure that the design of you website must be attractive, remarkable and easy to read. When designing a website, white space is also very important. The content should also be designed in a consistent, attractive and clear apparel.

Final words

Web design requires a consistent effort on your goal to create a website that fulfill a specific purpose. Make sure to follow these basic rules while designing a website. This will ensure you that you are on a right way of creating an effective and successful website that your client will enjoy while using. Your website should be easy to read, easy to find, navigate and should be quick to download.

Author Bio:

Richard Ann is web designer and developer. With an M.S. in Marketing Richard Ann is a frequent contributor to various websites. He spends a lot of his time thinking about and sharing his knowledge of the internet and website design and development. He also works for a best web design company in Singapore, as a creative head.  

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