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Basic Tips For Writing The Best API Documentation


The whole aim of documentation is to offer users comprehensible, precise detail that is simply accessible.

Here are some tips to help you reach that target and write good API documentation:

Understand your users

This might look apparent, but includes more consideration than you might understand. Consider how a discussion with a coworker is much diverse than a discussion with a child in terms of words, backdrop knowledge suppositions, and help. For instance, have a look at a children’s book and a matured person’s mystery book. Observe that the two books are totally diverse in terms of feature, clues, and duration? The children’s book will not only direct the child to each of the signs, but will also ingenuously indicate each sign and how it adds to the mystery. While the adult’s book will take the reader to a journey, but it is up to the reader to look into and sift via all the detail offered to resolve the mystery prior to end.

Know what users want to achieve

Take a step reverse as the specialist of the product and truly use your product like your users would. Provide sufficient time to get first-hand contact to what users will perceive. This will assist as now you can converse straight to what they will perceive, involve screenshots or instances if needed. It is secured to presume users will have no backdrop information of your application. So, ask yourself if I did not put effort in this product, would I understand what to do? Do these error messages offer the user sufficient detail to find out how to resolve it if something goes erroneous? These are significant things that add to the whole user experience. If you can provide clear assistance via questionable parts, you have by now assisted the preponderance of your users.

Keep it easy

You do not want to overpower your users with a partition of text if you can aid it. Some methods to help in simplifying are to play with words a bit. A 10 word sentence might sometimes be a 5 word sentence. To accomplish this, create the sentence, then walk off, have a cup of coffee or something else.

Then come again and inquire yourself what is the main aim of this statement? Look, if there is any method to take away some of the fuzz. Doing this will help in keeping your documentation concentrated and let users to obtain their answers faster.

Check the documentation

After you conclude the documentation, request a friend or two to check your document as what is sensible to you will not always appropriate to your fellow citizen. If probable, request someone who is not familiar with the application. This will offer you the best feasible feedback as they are going to be most alike to your user in terms of application information.

Overall, documentation is not a simple task, but if you give some time as well as go with the best API documentation platform, then it will be very helpful for users in understanding and using your application.

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