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Beating the competition with LED corn bulb

If you are an electrical contractor finding it tough to compete these days with insufficient works and less opportunity for bidding then let me share a secret with you.  This is called LED lighting. Being a new technology you may be finding it difficult to come in terms with it. However, considering its numerous benefits it can give you a vital competitive edge. It is high time that you become creative and take up some research to handle the challenges.

Let us first take a look how LED corn bulb can lower your bid as an alternative in comparison to the raising the price with new technology. Well, if you have ever made a bid for restaurant or kitchen project then you will know that these are typically leased spaces with limited existing electrical services. Hence, it becomes important that you make optimum use of each available circuit. Since the entire electrical load get concentrated in the kitchen equipment you have minimum available space and circuits in your existing electrical panel. This is where LED lighting can help because it consumes less amperage in comparison to any other lighting source implying less circuits and less amperage required.

Consider a scenario where you have a kitchen with 24 2*4 4- lamp with recessed fluorescent lights, which is drawing 1.62 Amps or 140 watts on each fixture, so 1.62 Amps *24= 38.8 Amps.  We are well aware that standard commercial circuit breakers is rated at 20 amps and we can only load a total 80 percent of it. This allows us to load one circuit up to 16 amps or 9 fixtures per circuit. When 24 is divided by 9 it gives the figure 2.67 and hence we need to use up to three circuit breakers, run three home run circuits to electrical panel and then three branch circuits from the switch to the lighting.  We will have to cut a very large hole through the wall for fitting a giant three-gang box for three switches.

Now, take a look at LED HID replacement bulb. If you are having a2*4 4- lamp recessed fixture in LED it will be a 55 Watt or 0.46 Amp fixture.  If you take into account this complete 24, fixtures multiplied by 0.46 Amps it equals 11.04 amps. Overall we are using approximately 16 amps per breaker.  In this backdrop, we will be needing one circuit breaker, one homerun, one switch branch circuit, cone switch and one hole in the wall for one switch box.  With the provision of adding 10 more fixtures on the same circuit, no doubt it helps you in labor savings. On very large commercial kitchens it could save you an entire electrical panel, eliminating expensive feeders, main switches, and service upgrades.

Another great advantage of LED hid replacement bulb they instantly turn on without the need for warm up time.  Consider the case of many metal halide warehouses and parking lot projects that you have bided so far. A separate  4ft fluorescent for egress and emergency requirements due to the fact that metal halide and LED fixture can take up to 10 minutes to turn back on after a power failure.  LED replacement light bulbs can be a better alternative because the fixtures turn on immediately that could save you from installing those additional 4ft fluorescents and extra circuitry.    

Right now you may be feeling only if you could get the opportunity to finish all the bids that you just finished  giving them a second makeover with LED light. Make sure that you do not become over optimistic and recommend an alternative that looks impressive but fails miserably.   

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