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Beautician Career Options


Are you dreaming about becoming a beautician? The first thing you should evoke here is that you should know how to beautify yourself. Only when you have this knowledge, you can efficiently decorate others. Of course, earlier, people did not do any classes to become beauticians. But nowadays, thanks to the educational improvement. Some courses will confirm your career as a beautician.

There are certificate, diploma and similar short-term courses that will help you to instigate a career in this field. You can choose one after consulting a career guidance expert. Of course, you should possess the fundamental interest towards beautifying others. This enthusiasm and passion will motivate you to know many new things that will make your clients look at their best. Embellishing others is an art. The better you do, the better you will get new customers by work-of-the-mouth popularity.

Most beauticians practice on their own by establishing their beauty centre to serve the locals. But, there are better career opportunities when you work for a spa or similar service. Otherwise, you can also work as a freelancer and with your association with resorts, you will get orders for marriage or similar functions. So, the career options as per career guidance professionals are more extensive.

Eligibility requirement:

If you plan to open your beauty spa to offer beauty therapy, you should undergo full-fledged intensive professional training. The money you will have to spend to take up the appropriate education will differ from the course that you choose. You will have to follow scientific approach when it comes to skincare, and you should be creative concerning hair care.

When you take up the appropriate course, you will be in a position to learn different skin care techniques. For instance, you can learn about make-up, pedicure, manicure, bleaching, epilation processes, facials and even you will learn the right skin care diet. When it comes to hair care, you will learn cuttings and hair styling techniques.

What are the personal attributes of a career as a beautician?

The personal qualities include readiness to work with your hands, an eye towards fashion, dexterity, gentleness, well-groomed personality, and a healthy back to sit or stand for long hours when you beautify your clients. Also, you should have loads of stamina, and as mentioned earlier, you should have the passion. You should even know the knack to make your clients feel comfortable and unique during the beauty sessions.

Further, you should choose beautician as your career only when you are not allergic or asthmatic to chemicals, dyes, and the fumes during your service to your clients.

Job prospects of beautician:

To begin with, you can work for a reputable beauty parlour. Here, you will be in a position to hone your skills, and you will gain the experience. Further, you can also make some money to start your parlour in the future. With the knowledge you learn, you will turn out to be a beauty consultant/expert. Even, you can become beauty columnist in magazines and newspapers dedicated to women.

Even, you can offer to coach young aspiring beauticians. The other job option available is to work with fashion photographers, who are engaged in portfolios for aspiring models. You have the opportunity to work as freelancer/full-time beautician in advertising agencies.

If you can outperform many other beauticians and if you gain word-of-the-mouth popularity, you will get better projects through your networks.

In addition to these things, in your career in beauty and cosmetology, you will gain useful pay based on the project in which you work. For instance, if you beautify brides, your salary will differ as compared to what you will get when you work for an advertising agency to enhance models.

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