Most Beautiful Caribbean Islands You Must Visit

Undoubtedly, the Caribbean Islands are astoundingly bursting with crystal clear waters, adventurous activities and natural sites leaving the world spellbound. For the geographical reasons, each island has its own unique attributes that sets one apart from the others but all of them happen to considerably prominent in some way or the other. Exquisite islands like St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Haiti, and Anguilla & Antigua and Barbuda happen to be the cynosures when it comes to the tourist attractions. In fact, the Antigua & Barbuda have gone so popular across the world that people are also applying for the Antigua citizenship. So let’s dig in to discover more;

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This stunning island is located in the heart of the Caribbean Sea, which comprise of over 32 islands and cays. The relatively deserted islands are known for inspiring travelers with a perfect blend of water sports, rainforest adventures, and miles of powder-white sand beaches. There are over hundreds of activities that tourists can get obsessed with and enjoy considerably. Of the 115 activities, 59 are either stunning natural sites or parks. With a moderate beach density score of 0.22, this island chain is quite familiar with nature. In fact, the truest heart throbbing natural sceneries often come and visit this particular location.


Also known for being the world’s most treasured source of spices, this island has earned the nick of Spice Island. Nowadays, it’s a home to mountainous terrain and lush where one can sail, hike, fish, or bike even. With a modest beach density of about 0.35, it amazes the tourists with over 158 activities that include almost all types of entertainment that one can think of while traveling to an island like Grenada. Diving with turtles and sharks is one of those amazing activities so just get ready to enjoy a great vacation at this Island.

Antigua and Barbuda

The Antigua Island happens to be a beautiful combination of colorful villages and narrow roads filled with historic sites. On the other side, Barbuda can’t set back when it comes to leaving the travelers awestruck with natural beauty. Barbuda has got a tremendously charm with a large bird population and reef-filled waters. With over 200 activities, you will come across such a huge variety of beaches that one can easily visit a different one each day of the year. Ironically, this island is so beautiful and a home-like place that many have even planned to get the Antigua citizenship so that the rest of the life could be spent while being quite near to the nature.

Puerto Rico

Being the No.1 Spot for the tourists at the Caribbean Island, the Puerto Rico has gone tremendously popular not only in the Caribbean but also all over the world. Hotel Rates at this place are quite affordable and there are over 1056 different activities that the travelers can enjoy. Though it has the quite a low beach density of 0.04, it’s still a home to tropical terrain perhaps that’s the reason as to why the Puerto Rico is known as the Island of Enchantment.


Are you planning to visit the Caribbean island this season? Just make sure to pay a visit to these places as well.

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