If there is a common skincare ingredient that almost everyone has heard of, then it would be panthenol. Also known as Provitamin B5 or pantothenol, panthenol is biologically active alcohol that becomes an ideal ingredient for a wide range of beauty products. 

What Is Panthenol? 

It is a chemical substance created from pantothenic acid. Due to its safe-to-use features, panthenol is worshipped by food and beauty industries as an ingredient to make various kinds of products. Since it is used in food products, a human body has pantothenic acid almost all the time. 

Dl Panthenol, which is also known as B5 powder, helps to make cosmetic products like creams, lotions, and conditioners. Also, it makes a useful ingredient to make products to treat inflammation in the skin and dryness. 

Benefits Of Panthenol In Skin Care 

Vitamin B-5 is essential for skin and hair health, which is why panthenol used in many modern beauty products. It is added in creams, lotions, moisturizers, serums, conditioners, and others. There are lots of other benefits of panthenol in cosmetics, and below are some of them:


  • Deeply Moisturizes

Although panthenol is biologically active alcohol in the form of vitamin B5, it doesn’t dry out the skin like regular alcohol. It works as a humectant to attract water to moisturize the skin and make it appear fresh. Due to its ability to deeply moisturize the skin, panthenol is used in various kinds of skin creams and lotions.


  • Reduces Scars


Apart from moisturizing the skin, the substance is capable of penetrating the skin and infusing vitamin B5 into it. This ability of pantothenic acid makes it an effective substance to heal wounds by helping the skin to form new tissues. When penetrating the skin, panthenol triggers ‘fibroblast proliferation’ process and speeds up the procedure to restore the skin naturally. The substance also helps in reducing the chances of scar formation.


  • Anti-inflammatory Properties 

Panthenol is an extremely famous ingredient in the cosmetic industry due to its anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to make products that can treat various kinds of skin conditions, including acne and eczema. When it comes to treating atopic dermatitis, an itchy inflammation of the skin, the substance doesn’t have side effects. It helps in improving skin’s hydration and providing it with a smooth appearance. 

  • Anti-Aging Benefits

Due to its moisturizing properties, panthenol makes an effective substance to produce skincare products with anti-aging benefits. It helps the products in improving the skin’s protective barrier and reducing water loss. Many past studies have also linked panthenol to the treatment of hyperpigmentation. According to them, panthenol applications can help to treat the skin condition by lightening dark spots. 


  • Hair Care Properties  


In addition to protecting the skin, provitamin B5 substance is effective in improving hair health. Various kinds of hair products contain panthenol as an ingredient to improve hair’s softness, shine, and strength. A recent study suggests that the substance can also help in protecting the hair from environmental damage. 

Apart from hair care products, panthenol as an ingredient can also be used to make nail products to strengthen finger- and toenails. 

How To Buy Panthenol?

Panthenol in cosmetics is common, and it can be used to make different types of skin and hair care products. To produce them, one can buy the substance as Dl panthenol, which is also called vitamin B5 powder. It’s a fine white powder that can be mixed with various other ingredients to make creams, serums, locations, and conditioners. Also, it serves as an ideal ingredient to reduce treat inflammation and reduce redness on the skin.

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