Your Beginner’s Guide To Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Calculator

bajaj finance personal loan

Bajaj Finance Personal loan has helped many to dare to dream and have the courage to realise them. Over the years, the services and facilities of this institution have been appreciated by its customers. Bajaj Finance Personal loan being their ace product, has become a favourite of many.

Many facilities and tools such as Bajaj Finance Personal loan customer care and Bajaj Finance Personal loan calculator are truly helpful and praiseworthy.

bajaj finance personal loan


Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Benefits

Quick Loan Approval: Bajaj Finance is known for its quick loan approval and immediate fund transfer to ease out your financial urgencies.

Personal Loan up to ₹ 25 lakhs: The applicant can avail a Personal Loan up to ₹ 25 lakhs at affordable rates and relaxed loan tenure.

Funds available within 72 hours: Bajaj Finance sticks to its promise of making the loan amount available to you within 72 hours of loan approval.

Availability of Pre-approved Offers: The existing customer of Bajaj finance are entitled to the Pre-approved Offers that the institution has on offer.

Online Assistance: Bajaj Finance provides online assistance to straighten out your queries so that you have a hitchless experience. Bajaj Finance Personal loan customer care number can be found on the official website and is one of the most prompt and helpful facility provided by the institution to aid concerns and queries.

Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Eligibility

As per the Bajaj Finance Personal loan eligibility criteria, the age limit of the applicant must be between 25 years to 30 years. The Net Monthly Income of the applicant must be between ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 40,000 depending upon the city in which the applicant is currently residing. The best and the most accurate way of finding out the Bajaj Finance Personal loan eligibility is through the Bajaj Finance Personal loan eligibility calculator. The calculator gives down the precise criteria that one must fulfil in order to avail the Bajaj Finance Personal loan.

Bajaj Finance Interest Rate:

Being a very diversified and customer-centric institution, Bajaj Finance has efficiently priced its products. Bajaj Finance Interest Rate is very thoughtfully deduced so as to not overburden the borrower and simultaneously encourage them to avail Bajaj Finance Personal loan. The Bajaj Finance Interest rate begins from 12.25% onwards. The processing fee levied is about 2.25% to 3% of the loan amount.

Bajaj Finance Interest Rate for Bikes

Bajaj Finance has an exclusive product for its customers who might be seeking a Personal Loan for a two-wheeler. The institution provides credit facility for the purchase of Bajaj motorcycles among all variants. Bajaj Finance Interest rate for bikes depends upon the borrower’s profile, location of residence, loan amount and the product for which loan is sought. On the basis of these factors, borrowers are then put into the bands- high, medium and low. Bajaj Finance Interest Rate for bikes for these bands is more than 30%, 27% to 30% and less than 30% for high, medium and low bands, respectively.

Bajaj Finance EMI Calculator

Bajaj Finance EMI calculator helps out the applicants in preparing a draft of what their expenditure is going to look like during the loan tenure. By placing basic information about the loan amount, interest rate and the loan tenure in the Bajaj Finance EMI calculator, one can easily take a look at their monthly repayment installments. With the availability of credit facility for durables, Bajaj Finance EMI calculator can also be used for tv, mobile and other slightly expensive durables to plan the monthly installments. The best thing about Bajaj Finance Personal loan calculator is that one can go on altering the values and find out the best suited EMI amounts for themselves.

Bajaj Finance Personal Loan Online

Bajaj Finance provides an online facility for its valued customers called Personal loan online Service. With this, the customers are provided with Bajaj Finserv Personal loan Login. This would help them to check their Bajaj Finserv Personal loan Status and stay updated about their repayment schedules, balance amount and much more.

Bajaj Finserv is one of the most trusted and renowned financial institution with many content customers. Its tech-savvy approach and positive attitude towards its customers is what makes it different from other institutions in the same segment.

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