A Beginner’s Guide to Use Instagram for SEO

Every business marketer’s prime job is to look after the newest trends in the industry to utilize it in their ongoing SEO marketing campaign, ensuring a quick and improved success rate. One such trend is social media marketing that has emerged over a decade ago and currently is at the top of the marketing realm. It has been such an impactful success that it now has the power and support to boost the SEO campaign for an online business both directly and indirectly.

Although Google has made it pretty clear that it does not hold social media marketing as a ranking factor, it has not declared that your social media activities directed to your site will have no effect as well.

As a matter of fact, when you promote your business on a massive user-driven platform like Instagram, your ranking and SEO is bound to undergo some serious transformation. Here is a guide on how to utilize Instagram for fueling your SEO.

Track the Profile Link Success

Switch to the business profile if you have not already and start making the most of the feature one by one. Begin with the profile link by leveraging Google URL builder and incorporate a link to the bio section of your Instagram profile. Nevertheless, you will be conferred with an extremely long link that needs to be shortened, so make sure that you are also using Bit.ly or other similar URL shortener tool.

Creating a custom link is not the end, as you should also make efforts to imitate it with your brand for additional brand authenticity. These meticulously crafted steps will give you the idea of how many real Instagram followers have been driven to your website.

Modify Your URL Often

Unlike other social media platforms, you do not have the luxury to add links to each of your posts, which means that you are forced with only one link that is in your profile bio. Hence, it is crucial to make the most out of it, which requires the modification of the link from time to time. Even the change of your URL should be a strategic one, for instance, if you are running a specific ad campaign on Instagram, modify your URL accordingly to send volumes of traffic to that landing page.

For having a better idea on when to change the link, think of when and how you need to drive more user engagement with the relevant and strong call to actions and you will get the understanding of the change.  

Use the Location as a Call to Action

When you share a post on Instagram, the social media channel asks you to mention the location if there is any. In fact, it also allows you to customize the location for added convenience. Once you have published the image or video, you can see the location appearing above the post and below your username. Hence, if your SEO campaign targets a location-specific niche, Instagram provides with the best opportunity.

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Developing your brand on Instagram means more engagement and likes, which can be converted to more traffic and leads, all of which are essential parts of an SEO campaign. Follow the above-mentioned guidelines and assure the growth of your ongoing SEO program.

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