Best Career Options after Computer Science Engineering in Selangor


Computer Science engineering is a driving force behind innovation and technologies that are changing the world, pushing computing power and capabilities to the edge. Bridging hardware (e.g. microprocessors, tablets) and software, computer engineering has implications across many industries, ranging from technology to healthcare etc. There are various career options after computer science engineering from government jobs to MNC jobs. It is one of the most talked about disciplines and be a primary choice of many engineering aspirants.

There are some of the major job opportunities in Computer engineering where any job seeker whether fresher/experienced can make a better road to success.

  1. Software Developer:

Software developers are the creative minds behind computer programs. They create some applications that allow people to do specific tasks and make their work life easy. It is one of the most trendy career options in Selangor and there is lots of IT or MNC companies there which offer new job openings every day. So, one can opt. this field after obtaining their computer science degree to get success in their future.

  1. Big data analyst:

Big data is everywhere and also there is a great demand for professional in Selangor. It is another best career option one can opt for. Big data analyst and developers work on large set of data. To enter into this particular field your basic programming knowledge must be strong. In this profession, you can earn well even at entry level.

Compete for your degree and take training which is necessary to start a career in big data.

  1. Database administrator:

Candidates who have good knowledge of different database language like SQL, Mysql, Oracle etc. can also become a database administrator or analyst. Companies offer a good salary package to deserving candidates who have the good practical knowledge or an expert in designing, maintaining, planning the different database strategies.


  1. IT Analyst:

Well, IT specialists are those people who provide technical support to their organization. They ensure the working of all the systems in an organization. Without them, it becomes difficult to run the functioning of any organization smoothly. One who has good knowledge of software and hardware can get into this field.

These are the few top career options available you can choose from after getting your degree. It is suggested to do complete research before taking any decision. Understand the market scenario of Selangor, understand the company’s requirement and prepare yourself accordingly. Firstly, put your all focus on your education and training, after that start applying for the jobs in Selangor to become a part of your dream company.

There are various job portals in Malaysia that enables job seekers to connect with employers efficiently. Several renowned employers actively post job openings on this portal. To grab an opportunity, you have to upload your updated resume. After uploading your resume you can find thousands of jobs matching your profile. One of the major benefits of this source is that you can refine your search to your function, industry, location etc.


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