Best Gifts for Drivers

Drivers who work for reputable fleet companies often receive gifts from the company as a reward for good driving or just to keep them motivated. Rewarding drivers with gifts is a strategy used by fleet managers to increase driver productivity and save on costs. There are numerous options for gifts the company can buy for drivers either during a company occasion or after a certain accomplishment is completed. On top of giving them the best fleet technology as provided by to make their work easier, you can also give them one of the following gifts.

Smartphone Holder

Believe it or not, drivers will always have their smartphones in their vehicles no matter what. When it rings, they will be tempted to turn and see who is calling. A smartphone holder, which can be mounted on the dashboard or windscreen, is a good gift that will both make them happy and increase their safety. However, let them know that you are not encouraging the use of a handheld phone during driving. If they have to answer an urgent call, they should make use of the Bluetooth receiver.

OBD Scanner Tool

Vehicles will always develop some worrying problems. Even though there may be a repair and service bay back at the parking lot, drivers will be better off if they can check and determine some vehicle problems that develop during working hours. Apart from listening to vehicle noises to know what problem it has, they will use an OBD scanner tool to read the vehicle problem codes. Some problems can wait while others will need immediate attention. Give your best performing driver this tool as a way to motivate her or him and the others.

Portable Jump Starter Kit

There is nothing that is as devastating as trying to turn on the ignition key only to realize that the battery is dead. It is a common challenge when the battery is old or has been in use when the vehicle is at a stop with the engine off. However, a portable jump starter kit is an amazing savior in such a situation. Therefore, there is no doubt that this device will make a perfect gift for any driver. It does not matter whether they are fleet drivers or not. Getting the battery back to life is so relieving.

Phone Charger Kit

Drivers who are always on the road will need to juice up their smartphone batteries at least once a day. So, the phone charger kit is a daily need that most drivers cannot live without. Most drivers use smartphones to check directions and log in and send reports using the provided apps. The fact that data is used drains the battery. Therefore, the phone charger kit is a great gift for drivers.


It may be hard to believe that a wristwatch would make an excellent gift for drivers. Indeed, the reason is that they too need to keep track of time in all that they do. Choose a wristwatch that is customized to what the driver enjoys, and she or he will appreciate it.


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