Akbar Palace

Best Places to visit in Ajmer


Ajmer might be a well known destination for pilgrimage sites. But, beyond the exotic collection of temples and mosques, there are a lot of other attractions waiting for you here.

Akbar Dargah

This shrine is next to Mecca. According to history, Akbar used to visit shrine once in a year. The courtyard and the mosque in it were built by Shah Jahan. It is made of marbles and is a magnificent scrutiny to all even if you are not a Muslim. There is a separate prayer room that was used by the daughter of Shah Jahan. The entrance of the shrine is carved with silver.  This Dargah is located about 139 km (87 miles) from the Jaipur International Airport.

Akbar Palace

Taragarh Fort

Akbar’s palace

This is the strongest and most gorgeous palace in Rajasthan. A black idol of the Hindu god, Kali is a must see in this palace. During the 1857 mutiny, this palace was used as an arsenal. The architecture is a marvel to watch. Get to the Nizam Gate in Andar Kot Road and it is just 5 minutes walk away from the gate.

Akbar Palace

Ana Sagar Lake

This is the place for photography lovers. There is a striking Hindu temple and marble pavilion near the lake. A little away from the lake, you can find Daulat Bagh Gardens.

Ana Sagar lake


A little away from Ajmer you can find Pushkar which has more than 400 temples. The Pushkar Camel fair during October and November is highly sought by many tourists. The underscore of this fair is the camel trading fair.

Pushkar Camle Fair


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