Best Style Eyeglasses for Men Face Shape

We all know that secret to looking good in glasses is to find the best style eyeglasses for you according to face shape. We all know that it is easier said than done but if you put in a little bit of interest, you can have the right pair of glasses looking at you. The following tips may be very useful to you and this is the key to getting the right pair of eyeglasses for men.

Matching glasses and your face is what is required. You can balance your shape and also balance the features with perfect glasses. Keep learning more about this and you can land your perfect shape of glasses.

Here are some the eyeglasses style for men that are suitable for each face type:

Glasses For A Round-Shaped Face

For the round-shaped face, you need to have lenses that need to have a butterfly taper and where they have edges of the lenses. The corners of your glasses need to be squared rather than rounded. Keep the glass frames to be thin and not think because they will look chunky on a round face.

Glasses For A Square-Shaped Face

Since a square face is similar to the round face due to equal height and width, the features will be angled or they may have a broader chin and strong jaw. You can wear rounded glasses if you are thinking of softening their impression a little bit. Maybe if you are looking for a strong profile, and then you do not want to make it look imposing, then the squared-off shapes may work.

The narrow and rectangular lenses on a broad and square face can make it look like you are trying too hard rather than look stylish. Thus, if you are looking for proper glasses framesthen the frames should stay slim. The thick and dark ones may give an overstatement and may draw the attention of your face.

Glasses For An Oval Face

This face type in men is like the universal blood type. They can work well with any kind of eyeglasses style for men. They can go well with anything but do make sure to avoid the extremes. The oval face is less wide but more in height.

So if there is a round chin with good cheekbones, then you can go for squared-off frames and curved ones. You can make the lenses narrow or wide or square or circular but they shouldn’t look chunky. They should not overpower your face features.

Glasses For A Heart-Shaped Face

Now when you have narrow cheekbones, and then a small chin which can be a great photo-friendly face, you need to work a bit for a heart-shaped face. Do not go for blocked pair or squared off pair of glasses. They will not look good with your face and the ultra-narrow frames should be avoided on a heart-shaped face.

As men, all of you are tied to a simple suit and tie dress code and not much can be done about it. Thus, when you are selecting the men’s glasses, have a different kind of color that goes well with any type of glasses frames.

End Notes

Do you ever have trouble finding the right kind of frame for your face? Then, you have come to the right place. See and learn how to pick the right glass frames for your face shape and also skin tone. You can read this definitive guide on how to pick the best style of eyeglasses for your features.

Here is the thing, you need to know that the shape of your glasses should fit perfectly with your face shape. It should fill out the space that your face lacked. Hence, get the perfect eyeglasses style for men that add some great angles to your face.

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