The Best VLSI Institutes in Bangalore

The Best VLSI Institutes in Bangalore

If you are searching for the best VLSI institutes in Bangalore, this article is for you. VLSI (Very Large Scale Integration) is the process of integrating lakhs of circuits into a single chip. It is an essential part of the semiconductor industry. The semiconductor industry is experiencing a boom like no other. Many companies are coming forward to invest in the industry. Hence, VLSI training institutes also have gained popularity with students seeking to join the VLSI courses.

QSoCs is undoubtedly one of the best VLSI institutes in Bangalore. Started by highly enthusiastic and experienced professionals in the semiconductor industry, QSoCs aims to provide the industry with quality personnel and highly skilled professionals. In the current scenario, there is a wide gap between the demand and supply of skilled professionals in the semiconductor industry in India. QSoCs is determined to reduce the gap by offering high-quality courses in the VLSI institutes in Bangalore to the students for a nominal fee.

The founder members of QSoCs have more than 50 years of collective experience in the semiconductor industry. The faculty members are highly skilled and famous in their respective domains. Together, at QSoCs the curriculum has been chalked out in a way to provide the students with a strong foundation for the core concepts along with equal importance to the theoretical and practical classes along with soft skills development. The lab rooms are fully equipped with tools that meet the industry approved safety standards. The classrooms are spacious, flexible, pleasant, technologically advanced, and interactive to help students focus on studies and be comfortable in their surroundings. Students can interact with us on the website by using the live chat option. You can alternatively leave us a message and we will contact you.

Our experienced team of HR professionals will ensure that every student will find a job with a pay package on par with the international standards. Our faculty members have high connections in the semiconductor industry. We provide 100% placement opportunities to our students. Our students are employed in reputed companies such as Infosys, Synopsys, Wipro, SanDisk, Altran, Aims, Intel, T&VS, Dxcorr, Smartsoc Solutions, etc.

We offer various courses for the students to choose from based on the eligibility criteria. Here is a list of the courses.

One-day free internship program: A free one day program where students are introduced to the concepts of VLSI. There will be 4-5 sessions with tea and lunch breaks. We also conduct quizzes, small events for the students to participate and win awards. Every student who attends the one-day program will be awarded a participation certificate. You can find more details on the website.

  • (QCPDE) QSoCs Certified Physical Design Engineer: Full time, 6 months.
  • (QIIP) QSoCs Integrated Internship Program: Full time, 10 weekends.
  • (QCALE) QSoCs Certified Analog Layout Engineer: Full time, 4 months.
  • (QCDVE) QSoCs Certified Design Verification Engineer: Full time, 6 months.
  • Weekend SVUVM: 9 weekends.
  • Weekend Design Verification: 14 weekends.

Each program has projects on industry accepted protocols. Visit:

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