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birla sun life mutual fund

So you want to increase your current savings by investing in a product like a mutual fund. A good thought considering a solid track record of the asset class over the years. But at a time when there are so many asset management companies (AMCs), it becomes difficult to choose one from the list. Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, however, with a an investment expertise for over two decades could well be your perfect MF partner if you choose to go with it.

The noted AMC, established in 1994, offers a plethora of equity, debt and hybrid schemes with varied asset allocations. While choosing an MF scheme, most search for their NAV, which stands for Net Asset Value. And you could well search the NAV of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund Schemes.

The term NAV is the price of a mutual fund unit and is calculated by dividing the sum arrived after subtracting the liabilities from the assets of a fund by the total number of outstanding units. So, do you want to be updated on Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund NAV? Then this article is just the one you would want.

NAV of Top-performing Birla Sun Life Equity Mutual Fund Schemes

These schemes offer a potential to lift the value of your investments over the long-term by investing mainly in equity and equity-related instruments. Over the years, these funds have yielded substantially higher returns for the investors to gain of. Catch NAV and return data of the top-performing Birla Sun Life Equity Mutual Funds.

Birla Sun Life Banking and Financial Services Fund

The fund invests mainly in equity and equity-related securities of banks and financial services providers. Within a span of 4 years since inception, the fund has delivered 29.75% return to the investors. The 1-year and 3-year returns of the fund are 43.04% and 21.69%, respectively. While the NAV of the fund stands at ₹28.02, the accumulated asset under management (AUM) touches ₹1495.44 Cr.

BSL Tax Relief’96 Fund (ELSS U/S 80C of IT Act)

Approximately 80% of the assets are dispersed across equity and equity-related instruments to yield returns while saving taxes for the investors. The remaining balance would be invested in debt and money-market instruments Since founded in 1996, the scheme has given 25.93% return to the investors who have only laughed all the way to the bank in the last one year by receiving a yield of 38.88% on their investments. The fund’s NAV is ₹30.88 while its AUM stands at ₹4,266.07 Cr.

Birla Sun Life Midcap Fund – PLAN

Aiming long-term capital growth at controlled levels of risk, the fund invests mainly in mid-cap stocks and a few portion of the assets in money-market instruments. As far as returns go, the investors have raked in 25.86% since the fund’s inception in 2002. The recent performance of the fund only makes one invest in the scheme. Its 1-year and 3-year returns sit on the high of 35.82% and 19.59%, respectively. When you check its NAV now, it will be ₹326.78.

An Overview on NAV of Birla Sun Life Debt Mutual Fund Schemes

So if you wish to generate income on a regular basis, you should then pick from the following debt mutual funds that invest your money in debt and money-market instruments.

Birla Sun Life Income Plus

The objective of the fund is to generate consistent income from investments at reduced levels of risk by following a disciplined investment approach. Since incepted in 1995, the fund has offered 9.61% return while handing out a 3-year yield of 8.31%. The fund is currently traded at an NAV of ₹76.03.

Birla Sun Life Short Term Fund

The money invested in this scheme goes into debt and money -market instruments to serve the purpose of income generation. In its 20-year vigil, the fund has provided 9.46% return and its recent record is also satisfactory with yields of 5.96% and 8.82%, respectively. The NAV of the fund is ₹65.27.

Birla Sun Life Corporate Bond Fund

So when you keep your money here, the concerned fund managers would park the sum in corporate debt securities with short to medium term maturities across the credit spectrum. In a span of little more than two years, the fund has delivered a return of 9.38%. At the same time, it has offered a reasonably higher return of 9.45% in the last two years. Currently, the fund has an NAV of ₹12.66.

Note – The NAV and AUM differ on a daily basis.

Disclaimer – Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the scheme related documents carefully before investing.

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