How to Build Company Culture in a Remote Team

how to build company

Today’s ever-changing business climate has transformed the professional landscape. While the traditional office set-up still exists, many companies are finding that remote teams can be just as effective in being productive as a conventional office staff. In fact, in some areas, the virtual office is revolutionizing the work environment.

Just as in other major cities in Australia, there has been a rise in popularity with more businesses moving to a virtual office in Brisbane. Servcorp offers virtual office space, which allows companies to operate a business from a professional office and phone number without excessive overheads. The great thing about this type of office as that they are very flexible for everyone, as most employees work from a home office and meet with supervisors occasionally, depending on the company’s need. On the other hand, the disadvantage is, because the environment isolates the employee, company culture is lost unless supervisors make a concerted effort to establish one.

For tips on how to create company culture when working in a remote team, continue reading below.

Establish Etiquette

One of the great benefits of remote working is that it offers the whole team a lot of flexibility in determining a work schedule. With the members of the team, supervisors should determine factors that will affect the overall productivity of the team. For some team members, being able to work throughout the week when children are at school is better than working on weekends, and others might find working weekends easier.

The point is to establish guidelines, so everyone is clear of company policy that applies to remote working conditions. The wonderful part about this is your team establishes these guidelines together, so they agree with the rules.

Lead by Example

Because your employees don’t see you much outside of a virtual reality, some might lose track of what is expected at work. If employees see you online working all of the time or vice versa, they might adopt your attitude towards their own work.

Again, establish appropriate behaviours that cover dealing with clients, with co-workers, or higher-ups by adopting those behaviours yourself. For example, if you have to take off for an extended time, give your employees enough notice. In this way, your employees will reciprocate, as they will know that your time is just as valuable as theirs.

Meet Face-to-Face

Meet with your employees once in a while for some face time. While internet technology has made it possible to run an entire company from the comfort of your bedroom, sometimes interacting with your employees in a real space can be a big part of team building. Not that it is always feasible, but spending time with employees in a physical space where they can ask you questions regarding the office or even your personal life goes a long way in building team cohesion.

In fact, these meetings don’t even have to take place in a conference room. Go out to lunch, or better yet dinner, and get to know your employees. In this way, all of the guidelines and modelling you have established become a part of the culture you have established.

Go Team!

Remote teams are transforming the work landscape on a global level not just in Australia. A company that adopts a positive agenda that sets guidelines for the workplace establishes the foundation by which culture can flourish.

Furthermore, supervisors who not only embody these guidelines but lead by example can foster within the employees a respect for all team members. For the employee, establishing company culture creates cohesion among the members of the team, which in the end, results in happy, grateful workers.


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