Running a restaurant successfully is a lot of work because every single detail needs great attention. After all, fine dining is much more than catering the best in food, service and ambiance. You may have impeccable interiors, great-tasting food, and well-trained waiting staff but what if the flatware and cutlery are not good enough to match them? As a restaurant owner, you need to go the extra mile to buy the best flatware to impress the diners and take your reputation to the top. Here are some tips that can help:

Match it with your theme

Hospitality is a business that requires a lot of attention to aesthetics. For this reason, everything in your restaurant should match the theme and flatware is no exception. Start by considering the theme of the place, whether it is vintage or contemporary and ensure that the cutlery you buy is a perfect match to it. Match it with the dinnerware, furniture, and décor as well.

Look for durability

Everything that you buy for your restaurant is like a long term inventory. The focus should, therefore, be on durability. Investing in heavy cutlery made of good material is the best way to go. Heavier pieces are usually more durable as compared to lighter ones and last year after year even after bearing the brunt of daily usage.

Prioritize diners’ comfort

Another factor that should influence the choice of flatware is the diners’ comfort. When you explore flatware designs, you will find ones that are broad and others that are slender. While you choose the design, prioritize the comfort of the diners by considering the shapes that are easier to hold and handle while eating. After all, even the best food will not taste good if one cannot eat with ease.

Avoid playing stingy

The expenses of setting up and running a restaurant can be mind-boggling but flatware should be the last thing to play stingy on. Be ready to spend a little extra on quality stuff rather than settle for cheap and low-quality items just to save a bit. You may end up with a bigger expenditure when you have to replace the cheap stuff sooner than expected.

Do not buy limited edition cutlery

When you shop restaurant flatware, do not be tempted by limited edition stocks of premium brands. Even though they look beautiful, replacement usually becomes a problem in the future because finding similar cutlery may not be possible. This can lead to a big expense because you will have to replace the entire cutlery of your restaurant rather than fill in for missing or damaged pieces.

Consider your menu

Your menu also determines the choice of flatware for your restaurant. Of course, spoons, forks, and knives are mandatory for almost any place but you may need add-ons depending on the cuisines you serve. For example, the flatware requirements of a Chinese food outlet will differ from those serving Italian or American cuisines. Doing a bit of research before you start shopping would be a good idea.

Have something for kids as well

Don’t expect the patrons to step in alone as there will probably several families bringing the little ones along. Make sure that you have flatware with designs that appeal to kids. Set aside matching dinnerware for keeping the little ones excited.  Happier kids will make sure that their parents come back again to dine at your restaurant.

Check the maintenance requirements

As a restaurant owner, you would definitely want equipment and inventory pieces that are low maintenance. This rule applies to the flatware as well. Ensure that the cutlery you buy is stainless, scratch-resistant and looks shiny after an ordinary wash in a dishwasher.

Try before you buy

Another useful tip for restaurant owners who want to stock up flatware is to try the stuff before buying it. Before placing a bulk order, buy a set and use it for a few days to assess the comfort in handling and durability. Order only once you are fully satisfied because you would not want to compromise with the reputation of your restaurant.

Buy extras

Assess your requirements and buy some extra stock so that you need not feel hassled for emergency replacements in case of loss or breakage. People in this business need to be on their toes as they cannot afford delays and keeping extra stocks of cutlery gives you coverage against such issues.  

Even though cutlery and flatware seem to be a small part of your restaurant, they are as important as anything else. Be sure to shop them with care as they can make all the difference to the dining experiences you cater to.


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