Do you remember about Stepper Motor? If no, you are not alone!

Be it computer science, information technology, electrical, mechanical or any other graduation technical course, we all have studied about stepper motor in our first-year curriculum.

And now we have totally forgotten about it because we have studied it just to pass the exam ? its true, we all did that.

But have you ever wondered that these stepper motors are so useful that one day our fates will meet again?

Yes, the day has come when we should actually know about its applications. We should know that how these unseen heroes (stepper motors) are making our life easy.

Stepper motors are one of the most renowned industry motors that are designed to convert electrical power into mechanical and are used for positioning, movement or locomotion where precise control of shaft position or lever is needed.

In a layman, stepper motors are used to control motion (linear or rotational).

There are mainly three types of stepper motors i.e. permanent magnet, variable reluctant and hybrid stepper motor.

I am not discussing about its functionality here. So, without wasting time in getting into technicalities, let me jump directly to its day to day applications.

Working in electrical motors industry and assisting customers in guiding about different machine parts, the experience has led me to classify 7 unrevealed applications of stepper motor you never knew about.

Here we go:

  1. Aircraft, Locomotive, Automotive:
    Sensing devices, positioning military antennas, receiving telecommunication signals – stepper motors are widely used in aircraft, cars, trains, ships and more.
  1. IT Equipment:
    I can see a question on your face. What? Yes, it is true.
    Stepper motors are used in IT equipment like printers, barcode scanners, disk drives etc.
  1. Electronics:
    Do you know how can you perform functions like focus and zoom in a camera so easily?
    Don’t stare at me with mouth agape ? yes, credit goes to stepper motors in your camera. They are actually helping you perform these functions. Isn’t it cool?
  1. Medical and Scientific Equipment:
    Respirators, fluid pumps, medical scanners – stepper motors are broadly used in medical equipment.
    Don’t overlook the scientific equipment applications such as positioning telescope, spectrographs.
  1. Industrial Machinery:
    Do you know that industrial machineries such as drilling machines, grinding machines, automotive gauges, textile machines etc. are using stepper motors?
    Yes, this motor is largely used in different types of machine tools including 3-D laser scanners, punch grinders etc.
  1. Gaming Industry:
    There is no doubt in saying that gaming industry is one of the fast-growing industries in the world.
    Stepper motors are widely used in gaming applications such as wheel spinners, slot machines, card shufflers and more.
  1. Chemical Industry:
    Whether it is mixing or sampling of chemical materials or equipment testing, stepper motor controllers play a tremendous role.
    So, these are the 7 unknown applications of stepper motor you were unaware about.

All-in-all, stepper motors have marked their presence in different areas such as medical, chemical, IT, electronics and more.

Needless to say, stepper motor is no less than an unacknowledged soldier that is helping you perform a lot of day to day activities.

Owing to the large number of applications, it is safe to say that stepper motors have become top rated motors that have taken the industry by storm!


I would love to hear from you! What do you think about stepper motor now?

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Don’t forget to decide on the type of stepper motor you are choosing. Motor types actually depend on your application. So, first analyze for which application you are buying it for.

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