iPhones have completed 10 years of serving people the best phones. No matter what people say, everyone wants to buy an iPhone be it for showing off or for one’s own luxurious lifestyle. On 12, September iPhone 8 has been launched in the U.S but the excitement is seen all over the world.

apple iphone 8 EMI

Everywhere people are talking about its price and the iPhone 8 price in India has also been decided. We all know that iPhones are not everyone’s cup of tea as Apple iPhones are the best but costliest smartphones. But, with the Apple iPhone 8 EMI option, everyone can buy it.

Yes, nothing is out of budget with EMI facility within your reach so if you are also planning to buy this iPhone, you must check the prices in India.

iPhone 8 price in India

Apple iPhone 8 (64 GB) – ₹64,000

Apple iPhone 8 (256 GB) – ₹77,000

Apple iPhone 8 Plus (64 GB) – ₹73,000

Apple iPhone 8 Plus (256 GB) – ₹86,000

This is the first time that iPhone has launched a phone with 256 GB RAM phone and if we compare it with the iPhone 7 plus price in India, the phone is cheaper. The iPhone 7 Plus price in India for 128 GB at the time of launch was ₹76,200 which if compared to Apple iPhone 8 for 256 GB, the leading smartphone providing company has kept the prices low.

Apple iPhone 8 EMI Options

The iPhone lovers who are planning to buy it may know that there are EMI options also to choose. Most of the online shopping websites offer EMI options on credit cards. So, if you have a credit card, you can buy the phone on EMI.

Other than this, you can also apply for a personal loan and make this device your own at low EMI option. Not only this, you also have the option of a consumer durable loan. All of these alternatives are hassle-free and instantly available. Here we will discuss the choices you have in each of these option.

Credit Card EMI option

You can opt for the Insta Loan or Insta Jumbo Loan or Smart EMI or Balance Transfer EMI. This facility is available for a credit card holder and the loan amount and the tenure are your choices which you can choose as per your repayment capacity but the interest rate is subject to increase with the tenure.

You can use any credit card EMI calculator to check what will be your monthly EMI. So, you can buy the phone and choose the tenure for the repayment. The tenure is available with flexibility and the interest rate is also affordable. The advantage of using a credit card is that you also get reward points, cash back offers, and other benefits.

However, if you do not have a credit card, you can apply online for credit cards and get the card in 2-3 days. The best credit cards in India with higher reward points and cash back offers are HDFC Credit Card, ICICI Credit Cards, American Express Credit Cards, SBI Credit Cards, and Axis Credit Cards.

Personal Loan EMI option

We all know that a personal loan is a loan that you can take for any personal or professional purpose. There are many lenders who offer affordable personal loans at low-interest rates and flexible repayment option.

You can take the loan from any lender who is offering you a lower rate and at present, the lowest interest rate is 10.99% per annum. So, you can also go for this choice and buy your iPhone. Top banks who are offering best personal loans in India are HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Bajaj Finance, and SBI.

Consumer Durable Loan EMI option

You can also take a consumer durable loan and buy your smartphone. The consumer durable loan is the most convenient option for an individual. The loan can be taken for purchasing any consumer durable items including ACs, electronics, mobiles, etc.

Thus, with the above alternatives, you can buy Apple iPhone 8 at easy repayment option and enjoy using the latest smartphone with your family and friends.

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